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    Yeah, she still kicks butt but I also like about all the advanced things anyone can do with Flash MX.

    The problem with using Flash 5 is that there aren't alot of tutorials on the web specifically for creating preloaders in Flash 5 only. I went to a very helpful tutorial site, but their preloader tutorials are compatible for Flash MX. Could anyone please refer me to other sites besides Flashkit and Kirupa? I am interested in creating a percentage preloader that uses an image as part of loader. - for example

    Thank you


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    Welcome to WDF!

    Can you explain why you are using Flash5 and not the new version?

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    Preloaders are super easy once you know what you're doing. Once you have the understanding, you can create preloaders in many differents ways and styles, from a numerical percentage, to a loadbar, to complex things like a glass filling with water. I will give you a brief tutorial here, but its up to your imagination how you want to use it. (I am almost sure that these functions will also work in Flash 5)

    First thing is to create another scene. I prefer to use scenes because it keeps my more organized. The first thing you will want to do is create a new layer, name it Actions. Create a keyframe in the second frame of that layer and add the frame actions:
    This is just creating your loop. Now comes the actions on frame 1:
    loaded = _root.getBytesLoaded();
    total = _root.getBytesTotal();
    if (loaded >= total) {
    //This will check to see if it's loaded, if so, goes to next scene
    percentage = loaded/total
    percentagex = Math.round(percentage)
    //This variable will return a numeric percentage
    //that you can use for your preloader

    Now I will start getting to the bar type stuff
    Create a new symbol, call it Bar Housing.
    Create a no filled only stroked rectangle however long and tall you want. Now create another new symbol, call it Bar. Create a rectangle (this is important to use rectangle and not line), and make it as tall as your bar housing, and ONLY 1 PX WIDE. For the moment, set the x value to 0.

    Now go back to your main scene and place your 2 symbols on the stage. I prefer to place them on seperate layers so I can lock or hide one if necessary. Make sure to give the instances names, Bar and Barhousing will work fine. Place your "Bar" on the leftmost line of your Barhousing. Now go back into your frame 1 actions. = percentage*(however wide your housing is)

    How your bar will "grow" as your movie loads. Likewise, if you center your "bar" on its own symbol stage (x = -.5), then also center it on the main stage in the barhousing, it will grow outwards from the middle (at least I think, I just got the idea).

    How how to do what that guy did on his website. Likewise, you can draw your "bar" horizontally instead of vertically, so 1 px tall, and however wide. Then you can place it at y=0 on its own symbol stage. In addition to this, you can change your actions to: = percentage*(however high you want it to grow)

    Now you have a loadbar that "grows" upwards. Now to get his effect, just make your "bar" layer a mask, and place your tree or whatever underneath it as masked.

    Bada bing bada boom, theres your masked preloader. Enjoy!

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    why am I using Flash 5?

    Well there are probably a million reasons why I haven't bought MX yet, but the point is that I will get an educational discount on one next week at my college. My college's store sells Studio MX as well.

    Thanks for the preloader info!

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