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Thread: Morning Stories

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    I work in my own office, in a town north of Honolulu. I arrived 25 minutes early, it being 9:35am. i dont open for 35 minutes i dont need to be here for 25 minutes and along comes a knock on my door. in this situation i answer it and they welcome themself into my office. i make them wait a moment while i make my morning call to get the current gold silver and platinum values. then i help the customer, before he leaves another shows then another, by now its 10:05 am and its wednesday, people just got paid, wednesdays are always dead. and i am thinking. what are these people doing in my office go to the beach or something. a lite marine carrier docks in the harbor. surf is low, perfect for diving, partly cloudy skies 80 or 90 degrees, perhaps warmer, but the ac keeps me at an nice 73 degrees. i am a popsickle, i cant spell worth my weight in hamburgers. and i get off in less then three hours from this moment. another day gone by, another morning survived. whats next?


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    I go to work at 8 in the morning. Im assuming you dont have any kids but I could be wrong. My newborn son keeps me up most of the night, my 5 yr old daughter on the other hand never gave us much trouble sleeping, but latley has been having nightmares and comming to sleep with us. Rush hour traffic, and a burned out amplifier that does not produce music anymore, make my 45-min commute to work everymorning that much more exciting. My partner has been trying to learn HTML for months now, and I have all but totally given up teaching him.(He is more of a PR guy then a techno-phile) The bottom floor deli price gouges for a simple hot ham and cheese sandwitch. The coffe machine needs to be replaced, and my IT guy is too overburndened to come by the office when we have issues. I can never seem to get a miniute to breath with all the things that need to be taken care of. Its always hot and muggy outside, especially during the summer, and the only beach is over an hour away and the water is more greenish brown then blue. Not exactly water I would want to swim in. However, today has been fairly clear skies, so at least something is going alright...

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    I wake up, stumble blindly to the shower. Somehow manage to clean myself, by the time I'm drying myself off the outlines of the bathroom start to come into focus. I walk into my room and my eyes are attacked byt he sunlight. By the time they adjust I see it it is still only 7:50 A.M. but the skies are blue, it's a mild 75 outside with a cool breeze. I see people walk by outside my window as I get dressed. Some look with embarassment, some continue going. The ground starts to rumble, I hear the whistle. Son the entire apartment is shaking as if there was an earthquake. It's just the Santa Fe. My roomate rustles in his bed and moans with annoyance. I walk to class with my roomate, grab the school newspaper and sit down for my first of eight hours of instruction for the day. But then a girl in a pink miniskirt with those little ruffles walks by to turn in her Dynamics homework... suddenly the world seems like the most beatiful place I could possibly be.
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    More days than not I don't see the morning. :ichatangel: The last week or so I've been sleeping in til noon and then staying up til 3am. I'm still awake as long as everyone else and get the same amout of work done, but on a slightly different schedule. My schedule last semester only encouraged this, I started at 12:30pm or 1:30pm every day.

    PS. Looking for a real world job that fits into my hours. Apply within. :ichatcool:

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    As this is becoming more or less a personal diary, I will tell what I've done this morning: (Hey, nothing about my job, as I'm a teen student )

    The stupid birds wake me up earlier than I really need to, I need to wake up at 7:00(am) but the birds waked me up at 6:30, so I lied there on bed hearing the birds and telling to my self what I want to achieve today. I said that I wanted to stop the problems within my gang, as there are always problems with it's "members" (any teenager will understand it, when you have a big enough gang, you or your best friends have problems every day).
    So I dressed up and went to the "instituto" (high school?)... talked with the gang and told them that they appear stupid, every day mad because of the girls (yeah, we guys are stupid, always after the girls, they do what they want, but we are always doing what they say), so then one of my friends came and had bad face... forget it, I will simply pass of this, I'm going to vacation one month long shortly, so I'll see what happens when I come back...

    Stupid teenagers problems...

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    Well, my usual day (when I'm at at school that is) is...

    Wake up at 6 am, have a shower, then eat breakfast like a King! Then I leave the house at 7.15 and get the train to school, arriving at 8.20 for a lovely day at school.
    After school finishes (at 3.35), I get the train home to arrive at 4.30, then I do my paper round and do homework/revision. Then I come on WDF and MSN for a bit, then some days I go out to scouts, helping at Beavers and Scouts too! .

    But recently, being on study leave for those lovely exams known at GCSEs, I've been waking at 9, being on MSN and WDF most of the day, integrated with short bursts of revision! . (So if I fail my exams, it's your fault, WDF!.)
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    A typical Monday.

    Awake at 6:30 by the sound of cars/HGV's on the B6004, and/or the bloody birds, either way. Lie in a semi-concious, numb zombie like state for a while before my alarm actualy goes off. End up fighting the toaster for my second peice of charred bread. Shower, Skim over any emails/forums...

    The wheather isn't that bad at the moment, nice and humid. One bus to city centre, another to college... 1hour in total; 3hours animation, 1hour lunch/frisbee, 3hours general design; arrive back home for 6:00pm, beg my PC for forgiveness having traitorously used OS9 Macs all day.

    By this point I'm feeling quite good as tues/weds is like a second weekend for me, settle down into the familiar "...habbit of getting all excited about the most modest pleasures like a cup of (coffee) and a biscuit." and work on a number of small projects, and the rest is history...

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