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    Senior Member misterphotoshop's Avatar
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    hey i was wondering if anyone knows what an average income would be for a website designer and a ballpark income for oh lets say someone who works for 2advanced or some really good studio like that?


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    It varies so much that it's hard to give an "average". Few people are just "web designers". You have designers that design websites, business cards, letter head, brochures, etc. Then you have people that can code, design/maintain databases, etc. Most people choose one to excel at instead of trying to be the best at both. That said, look around this forum for similar questions (use the search feature). Here are a few interesting threads IMO.

    Famous Web Designers

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    thanx man u deserve one of those Turtle thigns lol

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    It depends of your design skills. If you are also experienced in HTML, XML and Java Script you will earn more.


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    Actually, I'd say it depends almost solely on your business skills and hardly at all on your designing skills in general. Being a designer is hard work, you have to be willing to work 110% on marketing every day - and then some.
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    Note: Before I start, this is my opinion.

    Someone once told me:

    "Will. In the world, if you want to make the big bucks, you dont earn money - you make it!"
    Now I completely agree. What this is basicallt saying is, too make lots of money in web design, you do not work every hour under the sun. You don't stay up all hours trying to get that last project done for that client. You do not miss out on good times for work.

    Instead, you get other people to do it for you. You sit down and overview your work. Yes, it will still be "work" but not as hard work. You emply people to work the long hours, you emply people to get that lats project finish. You are making money, not earning it!

    But you don't necessarily need a huge workforce - a small skilled one will do just fine. Look at 2advanced. I'm willing to bet they make absolutley loads of money and they have a workforce of 3 people only - but look at their skills.

    It's also a matter of having the money to startup in the first place! If it is a success then you will make it back. You get yourself known, work your way up the ranks. First off it will be small clients with small budgets. But then, either by word-of-mouth or other means of promotion, the big companies come to you, with the big budgets.

    Then, before you know it, you do have a big workforce, you do have the nice studios, you do drive the Ferraris and Lambos, you do have a big workforce and you are rich, rich, RICH!!!!

    Well, they were my words of wisdom (I also think this was my longest post yet, so go me!). I could be (and probably am) way off with my theories, but hey, that's what I heard - and that was from successful web designers with the nice mansions and everything (as far as I know anyway).

    Well, hope you enjoyed reading, will7.
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    Junior Member slodawg's Avatar
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    The problem with making money at web design is that it doesn't scale... you can only design or develop so many sites in a given week or month. If you can create a site that makes money - that scales... Sell products, do affiliate programs, AdSense, etc. Getting others to do the work as mentioned above scales a little more, but you have to deal with employees, payroll, etc. If you're a competent designer, good with clients, are well-organized... you'll make enough... Settle for a Toyota instead of a Lambo and do something you enjoy!

    BTW, this is my first year working as a designer... I'm making 1/10th of what I did working for a company in software development. But I love working on small websites that take 3 days to complete instead of managing 30 nerds on projects that take 3 years to deliver.

    To take a tangent for a minute... I know a local web developer whose business was grossing a mil per year in revenue... Then his staff left him and took with them all the lucrative clients... Not sure if they did this legally or not. Anyway, know what you're doing before you turn your business into one needing a staff.
    —richard @ Arroyo Grande San Luis Obispo County.CA.US.Planet.Universe

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