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    Does anyone know of a web site that offers info on the basics of web design? How to layout and design a website? Not using HTML, CSS, Photoshop, as those are the tools, but something that teaches people that have little creative training to conceptualize the design of a site that visually looks good.

    I see all these great looking web sites, but how do you develop the ability to do something like that? Is there a web site that helps people to learn how to do that sort of thing?

    My other option is to find a good college or online course. Do you have any recommendations?

    Is there a demand for this sort of thing? Is it better to settle with a web template? Should I bother spending the time to learn how get good at designing graphics for a web site?



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    That's really a tough one.

    You'll get a different answer from everyone on what is considered "good design".
    That's where you'll make websites and let your clients determine what is
    good and what is bad.

    So, is it something you can learn? I think that it's important to learn the basics
    like HTML and CSS - the building tools. A painter learns how to use various
    brushes (the building tools) before they create a painting. It's hard to make a
    good oil painting if you don't know how to use a brush.

    CSS is probably the paint brush you'll be learning to use.

    To know the power of CSS is to visit this website:

    The content (and pretty much the HTML code) is the same on every page,
    but the CSS Style Sheets and graphic images are determined by the web design
    artist. It's amazing how each artist can convey a different feeling and message
    simply by altering the Style of the page.

    Don't use templates ... learn CSS ... learn the basics.

    I decided to go on Google and see if I could answer your question.
    There are sites describing design from 1995 to 2006 ... some information
    is so out-dated and then there's "web2.0" !
    Perhaps web2.0 is where design is headed? (whew!)
    Remember when cars used to be so stylish and unique until the
    mid 1990's ... then, they all started to look the same. That's what
    web2.0 reminds me of.

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    Another good resource is your local book store. There are a lot of books on basic design (layouts, content, design, etc).
    Mlseim is right, you will get several different answers. I think you are on the right track trying to figure out the visual side of what you want to accomplish.
    To answer your question, there is really no "one site" that teaches you everything. Some are self taught, some take college courses, some get degrees, some read a book......there are many different ways.
    A good way to research something like that is if you see a site you like, contact the person who created it and let them know you are starting out and like their style or designs and ask them how they learned.
    You will find most good designers are glad to offer their services or advice (much like on here).
    Good luck.....

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    As I read your post, I decided to have a look at my first websites on the WayBack Machine LOL!

    And so my answer to your question is: alot of it is just practice! I know ... probably not what you wanted to hear as you may think it's a dull answer but it's true.

    I've been doing site for 8 years now I think. My first ones ... well... they were great... for 1998 Then I started looking at other website and then heard about the [url= Standards[/url]. I thought they were speaking chinese :lol: Started going to site like, and found! Learned so much there. Then stumbled on the and all those css showcase sites.

    And now we're in 2006 and I'm still learning about stuff But at least I can code better site
    [a web design portfolio - Currently NOT AVAILABLE for work | web design | Re-coding | PSD-to-HTML]
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    Web design is a creative process. You can find inspiration in every day items and fantastic experiences etc. The whole layout of my site centered on the letter S.

    The longer you are active here, the more you will realize how wonderful this community is in developing your design skills. That's the HTML, the CSS, etc. But, to build on the earlier analogy... ask a painter how he decides what to paint, and it's generally something like, "I don't know, I was just walking one day and it hit me."

    I have an eye for detail like you'd never believe.

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    What I like to do is go through and look up through Google or Yahell is someone's website pet peeves. That tells me what a majority of the people like and don't like on a webpage.

    A site that might interest you is:

    Or look up in Google or Yahell: Webdesigning Tricks and Tips.

    Good web design takes practice and time! I've been doing it since I was twelve and I'm just advanced, not an expert.

    What I encourage most is this: if you find something on someone's site that you like, e-mail the person and tell them how you feel about whatever it is you like and ask them to briefly explain how they did it, if they followed a tutorial (like a lot of us do), or used a file that you might not know they are using! The most they could say is go away.

    That's just when you come back here, plug the link in and ask us if we know how they did it!!!
    Who invented milk........ and what the heck were they doing to that poor cow?!!

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    Try this free thingy - its designed for website prototyping (don't need ot know html or css) - may be the sort of thing that you're after

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