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    I'm a Mac user who's never built a website before and have a couple of questions that will hopefully make it a bit easier to get started.

    1. Is there a website that will take me through "baby steps" to building a site?
    2. Is there a website that handles question 1 with video?
    3. Which programs should I use for creating a website that will allow for me to best upgrade/modify the site once I'm more experienced (JAVA, C++, HTML, etc....)? I use computers alot at work and home. I have no programming experience, but am planning to learn soon.

    I'd like to eventually be able to build HTML5 and JAVA enabled sites since they seem to be getting widely implemented into sites to allow for mobile cross-platform (iOS and Android) usability. Any other suggestions welcome.

    Thanks for any helpful feedback,


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    1 - I feel like I am relearning how to do a website recently as in the past I built my pages with tables as opposed to CSS, so let me start you off by saying: Don't use tables, learn CSS.
    I have learned a lot from - VERY VERY useful site!!!
    As far as CSS goes - is also a great site.

    2 - Don't know about video. You could probably do a search for a specific thing and find something?

    3 - I use Dreamweaver for my page design, and I think it's a great program. I think a lot of web builders use this.
    I do type all of my code out actually, so you could use a simple text program (I'm new to mac so I don't know the name... textedit?) but dreamweaver will give you a preview of what you're building and point out some things to you.

    You can search this forum for things as well. I have found a lot of useful information on here. It's pretty great, and I've only been here for a few days!

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    W3schools has tutorials on everything you are wanting information on.

    HTML5 is new and many functions that look very promising are not supported by all the browsers. Why do I mention browsers ?

    Starting out, you should also do some reading ( these forums are a good place ) to learn about browser differences and what you need to do to accommodate for the most. Why ? If you don't code to the lowest common denominator between the browsers, you will automatically be alienating visitors and worse yet, potential customers.

    CSSzengarden has been around since the very beginning of the CSS implementation, haven't been there in a while, but there are literally thousands of sites that have tons of samples of what can be accomplished with CSS, a little JavaScript, etc.

    I think notepad++ has a version for Mac, most designers use a variety of editors and tools. I use DW in code view only, but mainly for the builtin FTP and file manager, I also use notepad++ as well as regular notepad if I find myself on a server and need to make a quick edit. I have access to visual studio and adobe cs5 , but just don't seem to have the time these days to learn a new IDE.

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    Here's some info on how to set up Textedit as an HTML editor:
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    Useful tip you might want to know: Java and Javascript are two different languages. Java is a programming language that handles object oriented programming and other complicated things that hurts my head. Javascript handles user side features like minor animations, form validation, and other cool things that happens in your browser. W3school is a very good start, but I distinctively read that you were looking for video assistance (must not be much of a reader like myself, technical books anyway). There are many sources out there that provide this service. I feel weird promoting these companies so I will give one that is very good and not so fascist. Look up VTC, they provide adequate tutorials. The sad part about is that you have to pay. There are other sites out there, but they are mostly about showing off and presenting technologies that do not really work yet. You need stability and W3school provides that.

    Start off with XHTML and CSS first. CSS is a must for you to learn and it has little to no learning curve. XHTML is strict, but works and the learning curve is not something that you have to worry about. Before you run out and buy a shiny expensive tool for web developing, look up Aptana, Komodo 6 and notepad ++. They are free tools that provide a great deal of features and they are free as I mentioned before. DO NOT use tables to create your layout...
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    Id use wordpress. Limited knowledge of anything to technical and with thousands of templates that can be easily modified and updated instantly i would definatley suggest you use wordpress.

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    This guys videos really are the dogs undercarriage. You can learn to code html and css here. Yes its in dreamweaver but dont let that put you off. you can use a notepad editor like notepad ++ which I believe is available for Mac.

    Hope your learning curve is learned Good Luck
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