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    Senior Member Sean Thompson's Avatar
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    I have been using Komodo to work on some basic sites that I just view on my local server for practice. Now I want to work with some of my live websites and edit their code.

    Komodo can connect to an FTP account, but each file can only be opened individually- you can't create a "project" in a remote location on the server.

    So what this means is that it is hard to work with all the files because I don't have a nice folder-directory-tree on the left side of the screen to easily click through to find all the files I need. Are there any free windows editors that provide this FTP functionality?


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    WDF Staff mlseim's Avatar
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    I use FileZilla (free), and then I use Notepad++ as the text editor.
    With FileZilla, you specify which editor is used when you "edit" a file.
    In my opinion, the best combination of two great free programs.

    Notepad++ has great text color coding, line numbering, showing combinations
    of tag (open close), parenthesis, brackets, etc. Makes troubleshooting easy.
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    Unpaid WDF Intern TheGAME1264's Avatar
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    I'm similar to mlseim, except that I use Visual Web Developer instead of Notepad++. I don't mind Notepad++, but VWD has kind of become a part of me in a slightly disturbing sort of way now.

    Besides, I'd rather have different programs accomplish different jobs. That way, if one goes to crap in future versions (read: Allaire HomeSite after Macromediadobe bought it, stuck a spike in its hears and killed it), I don't need to find a tool to do multiple tasks.
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    Senior Member Ronald Roe's Avatar
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    I use Sublime Text 2 with the SFTP plugin. It's as simple as saving the file when you're done editing it. It'll save locally, and you can set SFTP to automagically FTP that junk up there.
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    WDF Staff m3n0tu18's Avatar
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    I use Notepad++ with the FTP plugin, *default when you install the program* - its free, quick and relatively user friendly.

    We all might give you different options to try, but the only person that will know what suites their style is you, download a few of them and give them a go
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    I use a few different configurations depending on the task at hand...

    a) Visual Studio 2012 with SVN and/or FTP (not so much for web design, but it's there)
    b) Notepad++ with FTP (editing and putting a single file)
    c) Notepad++ with FileZilla (editing and putting multiple files)
    d) Dreamweaver with FTP (editing, organizing, and putting an entire site)

    Before I get blasted by all the anti-Dreamweaver-ers on here, I will clarify that I don't use design view (never worked worth a damn), and that my main purpose is the nice site management window it has.

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    WDF Staff AlphaMare's Avatar
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    I use Notepad++ and Filezilla. I tried using a built-in FTP plugin/module (whatever you call it) but i don't like it to automatically overwrite the file.

    I am a "belt-and-suspenders" kind of gal - I use Filezilla, and before I upload the new file I rename the old one with the date of the upload and sometimes a description of why or what was changed, so I can go back if I need to. My own way of versioning, I guess.

    This can be useful in ways I had never imagined. For example, I currently have a client who keeps changing her mind about what font she wants (seriously,we're using Google Webfonts, and we've tried about 8 so far). Some of them are narrow, some wider, and this affects the layout on the pages, so I am having to change the font size, line height, and sometimes also the weight in the CSS for each font.

    I have got files called "styleArial-Dec23.css", "styleHappyMonkey-Dec28.css", "styleQuicksand-Jan2.css" etc... So when she says she wants to go back to see what "that one with the long tails on the letters" looked like, I can just switch out the stylesheets and tell her to clear her cache and reload. I think we're getting close to a decision - I hope...
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