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    I was wondering if a certificate in Web Design is enough to land a full time job at a company. Or are they now asking for a bachelor's? I live in Los Angeles, California.


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    I think a portfolio is the key ingredient in getting hired. I have a bachelor's in Visual arts, and one in Fine Arts, as well as a certificate in web programming and design, and no prospective employer ever asked me about them. They all wanted to see my portfolio.
    I think in this business it's really a case of "show me" as much as "tell me". This is a visual medium, and an interactive one,and they want you to be able to demonstrate that you have the skills needed for the job.
    I'm going to quote a very smart member of this forum here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Webzarus, post: 226288
    Of all the designers and developers I have interviewed over the years... It's the ones who have portfolios of work that end up getting hired. You gotta figure that if someone really wants to be in this industry they will work their butts off for free or little to no money just to build up a portfolio.
    Would you trust a car mechanic to change your brakes if he showed up in a three piece suit with nothing but a pair of pliers ? And his word that he knew how to do it ?
    This is not to say that if you have a certificate or a degree you should not be including it on your resumé, after all they do show that you are committed enough to pay for and complete a course of study in the field.
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    Good design should never say "Look at me!"
    It should say "Look at this." ~ David Craib ~ my current site . . ~ my email

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    Thanks AM for the kind words.

    To the OP. there are all kinds of employers out there, some that won't even look at your résumé if you don't have a certificate or degree in something.

    There are other that care more about work history, demonstrated skills, work ethic and personality.

    Some employers have "teams" of designers/developers that work in close knit groups and they all do their thing and it all comes together.

    Some employers will hire 1 person expecting them to be able to handle every aspect of it.

    If you want to work for a big company then the design certification is good thing and will possibly get you an interview. If you're looking to work as the "authority in all things web", the certificate might help, but demonstrated skills will overshadow any certifications you may have.

    I interviewed for a lead design job last year with a really big company, I don't have a degree in anything, I don't even have a published portfolio anywhere. So how did inland the interview ? I sent a DVD presentation I put together, a short self-video of myself, and a series of video clips of sites I've done or worked on as well as a visual list of projects that I've consulted on, and a very long list of references.

    The first question the guy interviewing me asked, "why do you not have a portfolio online?"
    I told him, because I didn't need one. And its true, I don't. I've been doing this stuff a vey long time, my new clients come from client referrals of current and past clients. I don't knock on doors. They call me, I look at my current work load and project list and if I have time for the project, I take it on, if I don't I tell them, it will be 3-4 months or however long before I can.

    I was eventually offered the job, but after considering the re-location ( which they would pay for ), and the benefits, and just evrything in general, it just wasn't worth the aggravation ( in my opinion ).

    I hire or help client hire web designers and interns that do "web work", and in the last 2 years, I've not hired a single person because of a degree or certificate. Its all been about the portfolio and their skills.

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    I personally feel work speaks for itself you can have a degree but a crappy portfolio, good luck getting a job. I myself went to graphic design school and at the time we learned adobe go live. Doesn't make me a web designer now does it? I learned web design on my own and still learning, studying development as well. The more you know and the more you wow people with your work the better. I recently got hired as a web designer for a company on 40k salary and I showed him a portfolio on usb drive. I didn't even have one available online for reviewing. I was surprised and still am I got the job but turns out when I got there the person who was supposed to be the other designer doesn't know half the stuff I do about design and coding. He ends up asking me for help all the time. I am getting off topic but yeah man just make some awesome websites and make sure whatever job your applying for you have websites in your portfolio that is similar to what the potential employer does.

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