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    Hello there! By this way I would like to kindly ask you. Any idea is welcome!

    i have been working in graphic design sector for over 10 years. Now I received a task to make a web design and I really found out I am out if idea. Even tough the layout is so easy:

    - Less information
    - Minimalistic style (mostly white, little black and less red color) etc.
    - We ve got only few things which we want to present on sites.

    But anyway the Biggest problem as it seems to me is we want to avoid rolling screen- horizontaly, even vertically as well. Everything should be in one screen.

    1. Screen will be with interactive map with several icon on it, nice example:

    It will be like a menu which brings you to different section of websites. BUT! We ve got pattern, this one: (proportions 3:4)

    which is actually main idea of design, devided everything to this structure- so sharp edges, ractangles etc. But which I am struggling most?


    Main screen is pretty easy, the main element will be map- so everything will be depend on map design. But other section to me is quite difficult to construt it, because LESS ELEMENT. Like this, like a site with overview with clothes.

    1. Background (with map,fade, able to click on it go back)
    2. Button to lead home
    3. Information about clothes
    4. 4x pictures.
    5. Information about museum

    I am lack of idea:


    It sounds to me like a pretty big chellenge. I do not want push anybody to giving my some brainstorming idea. Only if somebody interested in it and have some idea, It help me a lot. Just need some feedback otherwise I really stuck!!!

    My wireframe andd www design:

    Thank you so much.

    PS: I discover this nice example GRID DIVIDED WEB DESIGN BASSICALLY


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    Actually, you are way over thinking this and making it more difficult than it has to be.

    For the main page just divide the number of "DIVS" by width and height that you want... Say 8 x 3

    You would create divs that are 12.5% width, 33.3% height, all float left.

    The trick is getting the images to fill them the same depending on if its a square monitor at 1280x760 resolution, vs. a 16:9 monitor at 1690 x 1080 ... Or similar.

    Your image will need to be close the the same shake and size of the maximum width... And height, the add the images to the div but in your CSS set your img attributes to 100% height and 100% width...

    As for the other pages, its just a modification of your CSS and a couple different divs than the front, you may have to create some wrapper divs to hold say a grouping of 2x 3 on the left or right and a large div to the other side to hold the page content, etc.

    Yes, it could be more simply done with tables, but I would avoid that at all cost? Why ? Because your using images, and if you out anything in tables, it all has to download onto the PC before it can be displayed, so usin tables and images will slow the response times down greatly.

    Another issue you've got to consider here, search engines. Search engines look for content. Of your site is primarily images, search engines tend to not give them much attention.

    I think I understand the concept you're trying to accomplish, and from a design side, its probably pretty appealing, but from a search engine standpoint, it will hurt the overall site.

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    can you more explain it please? How do you mean? I am struggeling the most how to keep proportions of pictures/ rectangles. For example on screen: 1366 x 768 (MacBookAIR) vs 1920x1080 (MacBook)
    I think about there will be more (macbook) rectangles sorted in centre of screen flow somehow to the left. and in macbook there will be less rectangles...but how to make it possible, is question. Most of my career I did graphic design I have got also some xhtml experience but basics. I don t know i these days what is possible/ suitable and what.

    any suggestions I will welcome!

    There is a subpage coming with the gird as a background. and need to solve somehow to pin the racatngles with pictures and text of the middle to the grid depend on screen resolution. Now it is for 1920x1080

    PS: Also Struggling with design I tried to reach Minimalistic white/ bright feel. Even there is not so much information/ element in which I can work with. Mostly text pictures and icons. And littlle bit fade background with racatngles pictures (links picture which is linked to page I post you see) So if anyone has some idea how to make it more attractive- just only with play with text, icons maybe and pictures, I will be so happy

    thank you so much!

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