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    Tools for Modifying Site


    I have a client who invented a kind of a healing device. He sells them at trade shows and through representatives. He uses an MLM system and has a few websites.

    The main one, set up by, allows admins to give reps a username, a login, and it generates a unique rep-version of the webpage for each rep. You may have seen this kind of site before. I have, but don’t really know how they work.

    I am fairly new to web design and know enough to be dangerous. And, I have access - an admin log on, a rep log on, and access to their FTP site.

    I have mostly been working with Wordpress. I know some HTML, have 15 years in IT, networking, database and desktop support.

    So, I am looking for some help!

    I kind of get what’s going on, and some of the database stuff I know ties in with this, and if it is not handled right, can break.

    So, some of the things I would like help with are:

    1. The rep-generated sites differ from the main one. I’d like to know how they are generated.

    2. There’s a picture he’d like to have removed from those rep-generated home pages. I don’t where that is/how those are made.

    3. Tools - I want to have the right tools to do editing. It’s not Wordpress, this is more html. A friend advised Dreamweaver. I am getting that and PhotoShop. Any other tools I should know about?

    4. I plan to have a conversation with Greystar soon, so I know where things are and are set up, granted they will share this. Besides basic Q&A, anything else I need to do or ask?

    5. I think he’s imagined changing this site to another system. But I know it’s involved. I don’t want any hair-pulling. Is that a good idea? If so, what are some better options?

    6. Any other ideas?

    Thank you guys for your help.
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    Before I answer any of these questions, a little advice based on the wrong kind of very careful when dealing with MLM companies and people. They have a way of trying to talk themselves out of bills and not paying for things they should. I worked with a company who shall remain nameless (mostly because there's a long-term lawsuit at play) who didn't pay me for two months' worth of work even though I had done way more than what I was supposed to. So get paid regularly, and as soon as it stops, you stop.

    With that said, here are my answers:

    1) Likely using a similar setup to W*rdPr*ss. A server-side programming language likely retrieves and displays the information that is stored in the database for each rep. The most likely server-side language used is PHP, but it could be any server-side language. It'll be one file along the lines of rep-profile.php, but it could be named anything as well. You'd have to have access to the system to know, as their site offers no real insight. It looks like it would be an entirely hosted solution.

    2) See #1: one file will likely contain the template you're after.

    3) Not Dr*amw*av*r. Get something like Notepad++. It's free and comes without all the Adobebloat (TM). Depending on the language used, you may need something specific to that language as well.

    4) Depends on how, or even if, they answer the basic Q&A. If I'm the company, I may not for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons. They may not want you messing with their stuff for liability reasons (i.e. if you screw up, they get blamed)...or they may not want you messing with their stuff because you'll find it's messy and inefficient. I suspect you won't get very far with them.

    5) Depends on the system he has. If it works for him, don't mess with it unless you're sure you can do better. With no server-side programming experience (and no, WP doesn't count) can't.

    6) Not without knowing what the system is.
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    Good advice. Thank you for the caution. They've paid. They’re really cool hippy-like people, and I think they are just using the company/model to distribute/sell their product. I think I know what you mean, and I am sorry you’ve had trouble with one. I usually steer clear from those other types of people who do not have integrity.

    I was able to contact the original company and they have been very helpful. I found out that it was a unique website, made by someone or a team, not an out of the box solution.

    I went to change something, a price list, and as I suspected, found many errors. Someone pointed out com%2Forders.html.

    I would like to have that page look like, but it seems I cannot do that without fixing the other errors first.

    So, now that I know more of what I am dealing with, wondering:

    1. how to fix all those errors. There were 84 at first.
    2. if there is a better solution out there, what is it, what would it take to migrate, how much should I charge said client.

    Thank you

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