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    Viewing applett for web page

    Here is my work on an applett for the web with a data management solution..

    This is my work so far on organizing data structures to simplify file calls and to direct navigation on a website that is projected to grow, and become unmanagebale if there weren't data structures organizing the large amounts of data..... Here are Some schema to organize a directory navigation structure for an applett appearing on a web page. The navigation structure organizes and keeps track of each graphical region in the form. And attaches event actions and navigation consequences to these actions, which change the navigation of the form. The goal is to enter the individual consoles where the content is organized by their domain and subdomain. The directory structure in the consoles. Accesses an index system nested in groups, whereby the most specific tags lie in the extents of the subgroups. And that only the furthest subdirectory displays the groups and files in those groups. So instead of searching the entire list of files each time to retrieve the file, We search by groups that they fall into. Because there are less groups than individual files. so it searches by outermost group first. which contains collectins of files within that group. To specify further access the subgroups. But the indexing system with outermost groups as priorities was to manage large amounts of files, In shorter search segments (the groups are searched. To their specific directory or subdirectory).

    Finally the main loop of the console checks for events at 10.000 FPS and updates the screen at 100 FPS. The console is "live" and updates as soon as user input modifies the state of the directory navigation structure. The new state of the structure is then used to update the screen to those specifications. Really i only needed information and data management because the content on this site would eventually become large, And i needed to create (ahead of time). A way to organize and manage the new content added in an easy and formatted way.

    data structures managing user input and specifying output.jpg
    code of update process.jpg


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    First of all, is this all supposed to happen on the worldwide web (the internet), or is this something you are doing between computers on your own local network?

    You do realize that it takes more time to send and receive packets across the internet than you are allowing for with your frames per second.
    If it takes 100ms (on a good day) to send an HTML request and receive back. 100ms = .1 second

    .1 seconds is a rather long time.

    What happens when the propagation time is .5 seconds, or 1 second?

    Of course there will be times when one person gets served faster than another, even if they are "out of turn".

    Secondly, I have no idea what you are even doing. Way over my head.

    I don't think any Google software engineers are using this website.

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    It was for a web applett that was meant to display mass content in an organized way, I needed a data structure that was the model for an index system, where categories and subcategories broke up the access to the data entries of the lineage for each picture, I wanted the form to detect events and update fast. As well as have a buffer That renders the current frame in the sequence (if frames stalled or were lagging). This frame update happened every render. And the buffer returns the viewer to it's current state.

    The website was for photo/video/art and writing content. Basically media. But the media would become large so I needed an index system before I even started adding data to the website. As well as a formal way to store the data structures as maps to the index. There is a directory data structure which is for navigation and triggering functions for each graphical region on the site. And there is the index data structure, which stores the file references in categories and groups. to simplify access to big data

    visuals - photography.jpg
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