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    Im having a little bit of a problem with my site right now, its made out of tables, so whenever i put too much into my content area it completely breaks everything up. so i was wondering how to get one area larger than the rest, or broken from the rest. or how to use a floating table or whatever... any help would be apreciated, thanks.

    this is what the site looks like:

    and this is the code:

    <body BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" text="#8e9f8e" LEFTMARGIN="0" TOPMARGIN="0" MARGINWIDTH="0"
    MARGINHEIGHT="0" ONLOAD="preloadImages();">
    <!-- ImageReady Slices (wotbotb.psd) -->

    <table WIDTH="800" BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0" align="center">
    <td COLSPAN="5" background="images/titlebar.gif" WIDTH="800" HEIGHT="107"></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="107"></td>
    <td ROWSPAN="2" background="images/wotbotb_02.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="70"></td>
    <td COLSPAN="3" background="images/header.gif" WIDTH="504" HEIGHT="52"></td>
    <td ROWSPAN="10" background="images/rightpanel.gif" WIDTH="154" HEIGHT="493"></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="52"></td>
    <td ROWSPAN="9" BGCOLOR="#292B29" WIDTH="28" HEIGHT="441"></td>
    <!--this is the area where all content is entered, it should be the only part of the code relevant to updates-->
    <td ROWSPAN="9" BGCOLOR="#292B29" WIDTH="447" HEIGHT="441" valign="top"><hr
    <p><font size="4"><u><b>The New Site is up!</b></u></font><br>
    <font size="2">Tuesday, March 18, 2003</font> </p>
    <p class="content">As you may have noticed, we finally have gotten the new site made and
    uploaded. And with the new site comes new content, and a whole new idea to the mod. The
    mods new offical title is &quot;Wheel of Time: Battle of the Blight&quot;, to find out
    more about the new storyline and direction visit the <a href="about.html">about page</a>.
    Also we have some new media up in the <a href="media.html">media section</a> so go check
    it out!</td>
    <!--it ends right here-->
    <td ROWSPAN="9" BGCOLOR="#292B29" WIDTH="29" HEIGHT="441"></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="18"></td>
    <td><a HREF="index.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('news', 'images/news-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('news', 'images/news.gif'); return true;"><img NAME="news"
    SRC="images/news.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="34" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="34"></td>
    <td><a HREF="about.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('about', 'images/about-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('about', 'images/about.gif'); return true;"><img NAME="about"
    SRC="images/about.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="36" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="36"></td>
    <td><a HREF="media.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('media', 'images/media-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('media', 'images/media.gif'); return true;"><img NAME="media"
    SRC="images/media.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="34" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="34"></td>
    <td><a HREF="downloads.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('media', 'images/media-downloads_over.gif', 'downloads', 'images/downloads-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('media', 'images/media.gif', 'downloads', 'images/downloads.gif'); return true;"><img
    NAME="downloads" SRC="images/downloads.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="30" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="30"></td>
    <td><a HREF="team.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('team', 'images/team-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('team', 'images/team.gif'); return true;"><img NAME="team"
    SRC="images/team.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="34" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="34" </td></td>
    <td><a HREF="forums.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('forums', 'images/forums-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('forums', 'images/forums.gif'); return true;"><img NAME="forums"
    SRC="images/forums.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="33" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="33"></td>
    <td><a HREF="faq.html"
    ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('faq', 'images/faq-over.gif'); return true;"
    ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('faq', 'images/faq.gif'); return true;"><img NAME="faq"
    SRC="images/faq.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="31" BORDER="0" ALT></a></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="31"></td>
    <td background="images/wotbotb_15.gif" WIDTH="142" HEIGHT="191"></td>
    <td WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="191"></td>
    <!-- End ImageReady Slices -->


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