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    The past few days, I've been working on editing my MySpace (yeah yeah, I'm pathetic), and I'm getting close to being done. Some stuff remains to be done on it, but I don't want to work on that until I finish what I'm stuck on.

    It looks fine in Firefox, because, of course, Firefox supports CSS better than Internet Explorer does. I'm having a hard time getting it to look right in IE, though, and since most of the people who would be viewing it are going to be using IE, I want to make it nice and pretty for that as well.

    If you load it in Firefox (and Opera, and hopefully other browsers as well), you'll see that the main box with the actual content looks decent -- it's wide and it fills up most of the page. It's slightly uneven, but that's because of MySpace's dreadful source.

    But if you load the page in IE, you'll see that the box where I actually put stuff in is very narrow, only taking up about a third of the page. I'm not really sure how I can fix this.

    The way the page is set up is something like this:

    ------<td>Content on the left side</td>
    ------<td>Blank cell</td>
    ------<td>Content on the right side</td>

    It's a bit more complicated, but that's essentially it. The way I have my box set up is that it's all in the <td> that makes up the right side of the page, and I then format that.

    The thing is, in FireFox I can set the <td>s with the specific width to "display: none;". But I can't do that in IE, since it doesn't support that CSS function. And, since the width of the table is still dispersed amongst 3 <td>s, the last <td> only takes up about a third of the page, which is bad -- I want it to take up the whole of the page.

    The CSS I have so far:

    JavaScript is not an option. All I have is limited HTML and CSS ("#" symbol isn't allowed, amongst other things).

    Anything that would be IE exclusive I can do by leading the selector with: "* html" and then use the rest. Anything that's "good-browser" specific I usually just use "body > table", since IE doesn't support the use of ">" in selectors.

    I've been stuck on this for a while. If you have any ideas, I'll be most grateful.


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    IE certainly will recognize display:none for divs, though I don't know about table cells. But if the cells were nested between "display:none" divs, that would surely wipe them out.

    Well scrolling down your code here is what I would check:

    1. At the top you have a <form action> between <table> and <tr>. My experience: safer to put things only between the <td></td>s, or outside the table.
    2. The top consists of 2 tables nested between 2 divs. Those divs of course could be doing anything--I don't have time to study the CSS.
    3. So the table in question says width=800. Shouldn't be 100%?
    4. You have so many tables-inside-tables that I just can't keep up. I suggest that you temporarily delet absolutely everything except a single outer table, with "boo" typed into a single TD, and see what happens.
    (a) If that outer table is correctly placed, proceed one-by-one to replace the inner layers of tables.
    (b) If that utterly simple outer table is still in the wrong place, then obviously the fault is not within the table itself. Try typing "boo" with no table at all and see where it ends up. If it is displaced, this could be:
    --CSS code doing something.
    --An open code or missing or extra quotation (") somewhere in the higher table. (Or something-not-a-quotation () replacing the quotation).

    Then follow a process of elimination. Remove things one-by-one until you get the "boo" where it should be. Then replace one-by-one and you will nail the culprit.

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