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    Hi everyone,

    I will create a disclaimer up front. I am new here and this my first time posting. I am just starting to learn about HTML and CSS and in no way am I pro. I need some fast advice as I am on a time crunch so I haven't been able to search the forums yet to see if a question like this has been answered already. My apologies in advance.

    Just for the sake of a little history, I am a photographer trying to design my first website because I have a very specific look in mind that I am trying to achieve. I have looked at, what feel likes hundreds, of pre-made templates available to photographers and I didn't like any of them ( I guess because I keep comparing it to what I envision my website should look like). I also didn't appreciate the high cost to download the template and I still have to go in and do some coding work to get the template to look the way I want. I have also looked into Joomla but again, I didn't care for the free templates I saw and many I found that were halfway decent I would have to pay for anyway. So, with my student discount I can get Dreamweaver for a good cost. I figured at least that way I can learn some coding and be able to change my website as much as I like but, more importantly, achieve the look I am going for without having to go through a web designer (which I can't afford). With all this in mind, I downloaded a free trial of Dreamweaver to see if I can figure out how to use it. And this is where my main question comes in.

    Here is the example of a couple websites that I really like but I have no idea where to start on creating something similar to them. They are inspiration for me as this is really a great clean look for showing one's work without a whole lot of fluff.

    Are websites like these able to be created in Dreamweaver?

    How complex are they in terms of design?

    Would it be unrealistic for a newbie to figure out how to create something like these?

    Can someone tell me if there is name for this kind of layout or design? What I like is how both of these are clean, simple designs, with a background or wallpaper separate from the window that contains the slideshow and menu.

    How would I go about creating a separate window in front of the background in Dreamweaver?

    Since I don't know what to call this kind of website layout, I don't even know how to search for information on how to create it. That's why I am hoping for some help or advice before I purchase Dreamweaver and find out I can't even achieve the design I want. I would rather allocate my money elsewhere if Dreamweaver is of no benefit to me in this situation.

    I am not too concerned with the blooming flower design in the second web link. I mean, I love the simple animation but I don't need it. I wouldn't even know where to begin with creating an animated element.

    Any friendly advice or direction to the right answers would be greatly appreciated!


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    #1. We know from your post count you're new here, no apologies needed.

    #2. It always scares me when I see "I'm new" and "I need fast advic...

    #3. The second site you listed uses "flash" which is not visible on any apple device.

    The first site you listed is a simple layout. Using a lot of background images to get the effect. But nicely done. And since I'm on an iPhone ... I can't really dig into the code but from what I could see, it looks to be custom stuff... No template, no CMS... But I only looked at the front page and there may be a lot more in the background that I can't see.

    That being said... You don't need DW AND I HIGHLY don't recommend anyone starting out to spend that kind of money ( unless your student discount is less than $100 ), but know this going in, DW is a WYSIWYG editor, and although it can do a lot of code generation for you, it is notorious for code bloat.

    DW has a very large learning curve to get the most out of it if you choose to go that way.

    I would encourage you to go "the basics" way, get a free program like notepad++ , or sublime 2 text, or...

    Do some searches on CSS LAYOUTS... Take that code and break it down so you understand it.

    Install WAMP on your PC ( if your running windows ), WAMP is a group of programs that setup a development environment that you can test your pages locally without having to put them out there... You don't need all the stuff it installs, but if you find this to be something you really want to learn, you shill already have PHP and MySQL installed for building and testing.

    If you're running Linux the LAMP is the same thing.

    Everyone seems to be in a hurry, they think this stuff is just so easy, its not until you can't do what you want, that you realize its more than just code. There's a ton to learn, you might be better off, making a design "as an image", and then offering someone some money to create the layout for you... Just a thought, but that way, you get what you want... In the long run, you get a chance to see how its done and can learn and move on from that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KR7, post: 248981
    Hi everyone,

    Are websites like these able to be created in Dreamweaver?
    The first site listed is made in Drupal; that is way to complex for a novice. The second site is a Flash based site. You would have to know Flash in addition to Dreamweaver to modify that template.

    There is no quick fix for you, however try this link:

    The above link will list templates that could be easily modified in Dreamweaver. The trick is to use something like WinHTTrack to download the necessary files. Like I said there is no quick fix for you, unless you want to pay someone to do it for you.

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