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    hi, im new to php so not quite sure of everything yet but im trying to send an email from a form in a flash swf file using PHP which i have been told is the best and easyest way to do it. iv done what i can and at the moment an email is sent to the correct address when the send button is pressed but the info entered in to the form are not imported in to the email, so apart from the section headers that are added by the PHP script the email is blank. Im pretty sure that the problem is something to do with the PHP script not knowing how to retrieve the info properly due to it coming from a .swf file,although i could be wrong. ill post the actionscript and PHP script below.
    Any help would be great, can you help me get it to work.


    on (release) {
    if (!email.length || Email.indexOf("@") == -1 || Email.indexOf(".") == -1) {
    EmailStatus = "Please enter an email address";
    } else if (!name.length) {
    EmailStatus = "Please enter a name";
    } else if (!enquiry.length) {
    EmailStatus = "Please enter an enquiry";
    } else {
    loadVariablesNum("MailPHP.php", "0", "POST");
    EmailStatus = "Sending... Please wait";

    $ToEmail = "";

    ##$ToName = "Mortal Wombat";
    $ToSubject = "Enquiry for Mortal Wombat";

    $EmailBody = "Sent By: $name\nSenders Email: $email\nSenders Company: $company\nTelephone: $tel\n\nMessage Sent:\n$enquiry\n";

    $EmailFooter="\nThis message was sent by: $name from If you feel that you recieved this e-mail by accident please contact us at";

    $Message = $EmailBody.$EmailFooter;

    mail($ToName." <".$ToEmail.">",$ToSubject, $Message, "From: ".$name." <".$email.">");

    Print "_root.Mail.EmailStatus=Complete - Your mail has been sent, thank you";




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    There are no definition for $ToName in your supplied script.
    Additionally, you are using "<" instead of their HTML equivalent &lt; &gt; which will make the values in between invisible.

    The simplest mail script contains only the values "To, Subject, Message". If you want to include additional parameters, you have to add them in the fourth slot assigned to optional headers. For every header command, you have to separate them with a carriage return and newline symbol. Some servers requires these symbols to be additionally seperated with blank spaces.

    The mail() function needs these paramaters minimum:
    mail($to, $subject, $body [, optional header parameters which have to be separated by "\r\n" markers]);

    Read more about the function here:[phpfunction]function.mail[/phpfunction]

    and do a forum search.
    (One of many links here):
    S. Rosland

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    Your problem I think is register_globals. You have to use $_POST['yourformfieldname'](for form POSt fields) when it is turned off, which, it should be and it is disabled by default in current versions of PHP.

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