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    I am trying to start using a session database to store all my session data in it but I am having the following error:

    mysqli_close() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given

    Can anyone indicate how I can solve this problem?
    Also, I am unable to log in.
    No data is being saved in my database table.

    Here is my php script:


    // include configuration file to make use of the error handling function

    // global variable used for the database connections in all session functions

    // define the open_session() function

    function open_session()


    global $sdbc;

    // set the MySQL host, username, password and database name as constants


    // connect to MySQL
    $sdbc = @mysqli_connect(DB_HOST,DB_USER,DB_PASS,DB_NAME);

    // handle any errors if the database connection failed
    if(!$sdbc) {
    trigger_error('Could not connect to MySQL:' . mysqli_connect_error() ); }

    return true;

    } // end of open_session() function

    // define the close_session() function
    // this function takes also no argument
    // this function closes the database connection

    function close_session()


    global $sdbc;

    return mysqli_close($sdbc);

    } // end of close_session() function

    // define the read_session() function
    // this function takes one argument: the session ID
    // this function retrieves the session data

    function read_session($session_id)


    global $sdbc;

    // query the database

    $q=sprintf("SELECT session_data
    FROM sessions
    WHERE session_id='%s'",mysqli_real_escape_string($sdbc,$ session_id));

    $r=mysqli_query($sdbc,$q) or
    trigger_error("Query: $q\n<br />MySQL Error:" . mysqli_error($sdbc));

    // retrieve the results
    if(mysqli_num_rows($r) == 1)


    list($session_data)=mysqli_fetch_array($r,MYSQLI_N UM);

    // return the data
    return $session_data;




    // return an empty string
    return '';


    // get user id from session

    } // end of read_session() function

    // define the write_session() function
    // this function takes 3 arguments:
    // - the session ID
    // - the user ID
    // - the session data

    function write_session($session_id,$user_id,$session_data)


    global $sdbc;

    // store data in session database
    $q=sprintf("REPLACE INTO sessions (session_id,user_id,session_data)
    VALUES ('%s','%d','%s')",

    $r=mysqli_query($sdbc,$q) or
    trigger_error("Query: $q\n<br />MySQL Error:" . mysqli_error($sdbc));

    } // end of write_session() function

    // define the destroy_session() function
    // this function takes one argument: the session ID

    function destroy_session()


    global $sdbc;

    // delete from session database
    $q=sprintf("DELETE FROM sessions
    WHERE session_id='%s'",

    $r=mysqli_query($sdbc,$q) or
    trigger_error("Query: $q\n<br />MySQL Error:" . mysqli_error($sdbc));

    // clear the $_SESSION array:

    return mysqli_affected_rows($sdbc);

    } // end of destroy_session() function

    // define the clean_session() function
    // this function takes one argument: a value in seconds

    function clean_session($expire)


    global $sdbc;

    // delete old sessions:
    $q=sprintf("DELETE FROM sessions
    WHERE DATE_ADD(session_last_accessed, INTERVAL %d SECOND) < NOW()", (int)$expire);

    $r=mysqli_query($sdbc,$q) or
    trigger_error("Query: $q\n<br />MySQL Error:" . mysqli_error($sdbc));

    return mysqli_affected_rows($sdbc);

    } // end of clean_session() function

    // declare the functions to use
    // tell php to use the session handling functions:

    session_set_save_handler('open_session','close_ses sion','read_session','write_session','destroy_sess ion','clean_session');

    // start the session:

    // close php script


    Here is my table:

    CREATE TABLE sessions(
    session_id CHAR(32) NOT NULL,
    session_data TEXT,
    session_last_accessed DATETIME NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (session_id),
    INDEX (session_id),
    INDEX (user_id))


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