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Thread: Php vs Python

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    Php vs Python

    Hi guys i have made quite a few posts on html and css my weakness of course is php and i feel now is the time to address that, i googled the two languages and found the pros and cons listed , mobile application of one , cms use of the other and also most current work is related to php...... People say that php is dying , i know enough of it to tweak existing stuff but i want to learn a back-end language to start writing my own code.... before i dip my toes in to one i need to address the concern that people say php is going to die out and also that python is something that can be used to write mobile applications which is huge considering the shift in app usage.

    Anyway i just like some thoughts and experienced from guys that have been there tried that , my last resort ofcourse is to learn both

    Thanks guys for your help


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    PHP is dying?

    First time I've ever heard that.

    Do you mean Perl (CGI)?

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    I'm also hearing this thing first time that PHP is dying. PHP can never die because it is still a very important coding language for building a website.

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    I can't count with both hands and feet how many times PHP quote-on-quote "died" or in the process of. It is used by billions of web applications and day-by-day it gets stronger and more secure and with every update brings new improvements to adapt to the current state of the web.

    Python, again, is used by a lot of developers around the web using Django, or other variants, and is very popular. Google is powered by Python, and so is Instagram.

    I'm predominantly a PHP developer, and I'm pretty comfortable in the fact that PHP is a lot better to develop with other than Python on the web. Web servers are practically preset, configuration-wise, to run PHP as soon as you download it; also PHP has a huge community of developers and frameworks, and in 2018 it's never been easier to develop and deploy a web application through using PHP as your language.

    Languages don't die, the community around them does; PHP will be here forever due to the ever-growing community of developers around it... and so will Python.

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    Python is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose, interpreted, high-level programming language. Python allows programmers to use different programming styles to create simple or complex programs, get quicker results and write code almost as if speaking in a human language. Some of the popular systems and applications that have employed Python during development include Google Search, YouTube, BitTorrent, Google App Engine, Eve Online, Maya and iRobot machines.

    PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, a scripting language used to create dynamic and interactive HTML Web pages. A server processes PHP commands when a website visitor opens a page then sends results to the visitor’s browser.

    As I define: PHP is not dying, It just people not using it anymore as we have an updated version of a language Python.

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    Python has been becoming very popular for last 2-3 years, as i know. It's used in many areas. Also, for web development python has own frameworks, as Django (the most popular), Pyramid, Flask and so on.

    But php is still very popular.

    You can find a lot of informartion in the internet.
    Also, I found some article where you can read about python. Information in it very general, but you can understand python's popularity.

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    Hi Guys,

    Python and PHP are both of the most popular high-level programming languages. PHP is a general purpose used as a server-side scripting language, while Python is valued for its dynamics, availability, and simplicity. PHP is used in some popular websites like yahoo, tumblr, facebook, wikipedia, etc. and Python also used in youtube, reddit, pinterest, instagram, etc.

    PHP :

    Wordpress or other CMS, good if you want to be a freelancer
    Easy to find a job
    Easy to use
    Better library base and well-maintained than python
    Basic Web Job

    Python :

    Gain more salary
    Work a specialized field and area
    Work with big data
    Open more kind of opportunities

    I would suggest Python if you want to get into Ai and ML, and PHP if you want to create web apps or work with WordPress in a serious way.

    Thanks & regards
    John D
    Web Development

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