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    Member GetNewHosting's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Columbia, SC
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    Hi everyone,

    New here to the forums, wondering if I can get some feed-back from people just starting out on web-design.

    1. What do you look for in options/perks? For instance Fantastico, Nice Control Panel, MySQL , etc... A lot of our clients are "newbies" (using that term endearingly) and wondering how we can better serve that market..

    2. Do you normally register domains through your host?...or have you ever?

    3. Would 4 hours be acceptable maximum response time, as long as your site WAS NOT down if you had a support question?.....

    4. If you did not intend to resell hosting would you participate in an Affiliate Program with your host if you were happy with them?

    5. If you are only on your first "Live", non-free-site hosting, do you intend to try to sell anything from your site?

    6. is SSH/TelNet important to you?

    7. Do you ever think you will need a secure site? in SSL Certificates or would you try to use a provided shared SSL?

    Geez, hope this isn't spamming....I have taken my URL out of my signature to our hosting site.

    Just really need input from down in the trenches of new and budding designers and this is the best place for it, as far as I can tell.

    Thanks for such a great Forum and I hope I can contribute and help others as the need arises.
    or Aol Instant Message (AIM) me at GetNewLIVE with questions!


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    Senior Member splufdaddy's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
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    Your allowed to put a link to your hosting company in your signature, you're just not allowed to offer your services or advertise your company, except to those who specifically ask for hosting in the "Request a Service" forum.

    As far as your questions, I think my answers depend on the client I am doing my website for. Some clients business depend on their website, and four hours of downtime is WAY too much. However, they pay for that timely support. Others could care less about 4-6 hours of downtime (as long as it's rare) and they'll opt for a cheaper host. If I'm maintaining their site, I'm a fan of CPanel personally, although it's the only one I've used.

    Also, I NEVER register my domain through my host. GoDaddy is $8, and I have more faith in them being around for a while than I do in most hosts. It's not worth it to me to save a few dollars (even $8 if you give it to me for free) on the domain. Years down the road, when my domain is tied to everything and very popular, I don't want to lose it because I saved $8.

    Those are some of my thoughts, good luck w/ your business. Welcome to WDF!

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    Member GetNewHosting's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Columbia, SC
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    Thanks splufdaddy for the welcome and insightful comments.

    Although to clarify about the 4 hours reply time I meant as long as your site "was not" down....I am talking about the off-handed, hmm wonder if I can do this on the server support questions...

    We also use WHM and CPanel, Ive used Plesk before and hated it!...
    Love the Cpanel X2 skin and the customization it offers!...

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sig Line trying to be safer than sorry!..didn't want to be neat concept to stop spammers!..
    or Aol Instant Message (AIM) me at GetNewLIVE with questions!

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    Senior Member seanmiller's Avatar
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    Yes, can I just re-inforce what Splufdaddy has said... when people come to me looking for hosting (I provide hosting to friends, family and local organisations at cost) and ask me to register a domain for them I always send them to the company I use, 123reg, *directly* (ie. they buy the domain, not me) and state in no uncertain terms to them that it is the domain registration, *not* the hosting, that is important. You can always change hosts, it is not so easy to wrestle your domains back from a company that are either taking you for a ride or have gone out of business.

    My own responses to your questions (though I may not be typical) are:
    1. My basic requirements from the hosting would be mysql/php, a reasonable amount of space but (more importantly, to some extent) a reasonable space->bandwidth ratio. No point buying 1GB of webspace if you only get 2GB of bandwidth, because if you actually use all your webspace your site will be suspended (or you will be incurring overusage fees) within days. I like CPanel/WHM and would probably want that too.
    2. No. As detailed above, I use a company who specialises in domain registration. As Spluff stated, you need to be reasonably confident they will still be around in a few year's time.
    3. This would depend on the customer's requirements. For some sites you would want an immediate response, for others it may be possible to wait a day... the important thing is to make sure the customer *knows* what is being offered and appreciates the implications of what he/she agrees to.
    4. Probably.
    5. n/a
    6. Very. I would not consider a host without ssh/telnet. It gives you control of your site in many ways that you don't get using any panel... installing software is faster from tarballs, backing up is a breeze and pages can be tweaked directly rather than via FTP...
    7. If I were considering SSL I would buy my own certificate. If it were a customer I would recommend this approach, but if they wished to do so they could obviously go for the cheaper shared option.


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    Senior Member Gemini ISP's Avatar
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    nice replies , --- the thing about when your host register the domain name for you they tend to put themselves as the admin on the domain and when you switch host they try to hijack the name or charge you some money to trasnfer it or to even re-point the DNS..

    I like all of the control panels that are out there on the market --but i feel in love with cpanel because of the features and user panel -

    i suggest that you dont offer ssh/telnet to your users unless they are on a dedicated server of there own. So if they crash something it just effects there site and not the others..

    shared SSL is not a good idea for a professional company they should have there own ..

    hope this helps and welcome to WDF

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