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  1. USB Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer Opening from Web based Point of Sale Software
  2. editing php
  3. Backup script failing to backup with accuracy
  4. Help with PHP spam filter
  5. ssh2_scp_send() using php corrupts pdf
  6. Tutorials
  7. Using php how can I strip out words from a text?
  8. If IE do this if firefox/chrome do that
  9. Order by "THIS", and sort from z-a
  10. "Please stop pretending PHP is a good language"
  11. Wordpress API
  12. Where to start?
  13. What is the best way to learn to use URL rewrite using php and MySQL?
  14. My Sql php insert/edit errors
  15. WP Theme Issue - weeks unable to resolve
  16. E-commerce price changes, based on market price input?
  17. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in
  18. Newbie Help with PHP!!
  19. ahhh need help with PHP background
  20. SSL is losing data during checkout (PHP cart)
  21. Using php, how do I get my login to last longer?
  22. Where to place UTF 8 unicode in PHP post file?
  23. Where to place UTF 8 unicode in PHP post file
  24. Are script pages triggered when back button is pressed?
  25. Backup Server Script Problems
  26. Keep getting hacked, any ideas?
  27. HTML form to PHP array not working
  28. pausing and unpausing a script
  29. Simple RSS Feed panel manageable by people
  30. Symfony2 - HELP for website!?Specific questions to understand where to start?
  31. Need help with project
  32. PHP Form Not Submitting - Wrong Action?
  33. Form validation
  34. Redirecting a dynamic URL to a new static format
  35. Twitter Widget
  36. OK...Warning: mysqli_query() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given in xxx.xxx.xx
  37. how can i add a sidebar within wordpress
  38. Php mysqli grab data
  39. trying to use php to connect to mySQL
  40. Creating a newsletter form
  41. What Can I and Cant I use in a Cron Job?
  42. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  43. Help please!! Urgent! PHP form NOT going to inbox.
  44. regular expression no matching
  45. Making Small Alterations to PHP Site
  46. Form not sending through email
  47. Using checkboxes for Php MySQL poll.
  48. How to create an Open File Command with PHP/HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT
  49. Which file do I open in wampserver after download
  50. PHP Tags are displayed aswell when moved to the browser window
  51. It says go to start, type on the black screen to open php etc
  52. Help with script echo
  53. Are their any actual php built websites to learn the code. only see javascript
  54. I can't figure out what's wrong with this php code and it's making me frustrated.
  55. WAMP issue
  56. How to specify "not the homepage"
  57. Difficulty in converting date format
  58. form to php to mysql wont work.
  59. Clients website hacked
  60. Handling Database Queries with PHP Classes and Ajax
  61. Need a counter that's not on hits, but a calculation of six ticks an hour from a start point
  62. Rating Code
  63. Backslashes in a form
  64. Post a Form to external website?
  65. PDO Database Connection Attempt failing while Host-Provided MySQLi Script is successful
  66. A PHP problem in my site
  67. Php... JS.. CSS
  68. search ID in database and display record, but needs serial generator and validator
  69. Trying to Process Second Submit Form from jQuery .ajax Call
  70. registration system
  71. Return/Echo Affecting Database Result Location
  72. Redirecting the Right Way with MVC
  73. Div Issue
  74. OO PHP coding help...
  75. How to learn PHP
  76. wordpress blog displaying in a small div
  77. How to create Website like Amazon - ebay
  78. Problem with websites title
  79. Using this form it's not sending the file threw.....
  80. reading websites (sort of)
  81. Search engine
  82. Assistance to integrate piwik with my WebApp
  83. how to display 'break' of textarea in output?
  84. php codes not displaying texts
  85. OO PHP coding advice needed...
  86. Can't get CAPTCHA to appear in PHP contact form
  87. Shuffle HTML content
  88. Trying to display all online users help! (code provided)
  89. I created a php form everything works except..
  90. Contact Form Not Sending :(
  91. Contact form required fields
  92. Web based chat application
  93. Searching for PHP lightbox...
  94. Need help building a database...Please lend a hand folks....
  95. Calculate difference between 2 dates amd times in PHP
  96. SMS from PHP site
  97. Need Advice: How long does it take to code image resize and proper time zones?
  98. Is this an ideal strategy for my e-mail submission box?
  99. I am having a plogger issue
  100. how to put a video
  101. Connecting to MySQL Database Using PHP
  102. 301 redirect using .htaccess
  103. Email Box Submission Script
  104. Fetching Indexed Location in Array- Simple Question
  105. My Wordpress is overloading... how to audit?
  106. osCommerce Setup Help
  107. Center Image?
  108. unable to web query php page with Excel
  109. PHP Script Options for Email Submission Box
  110. programming question
  111. Passing variables to another page
  112. help with adding info to database
  113. Optimization advice needed
  114. An annoying problem with my site
  115. creating a php type classes
  116. Help making contact form
  117. Create a new page for every uploaded image
  118. Something that makes it possible for people to upload images to my website!
  119. Blank Fields in a Form
  120. Site is Messed Up "Cannot modify header information"
  121. PHP Contact Form not working
  122. simple php mail form not working
  123. Need help with php edit and delete function
  124. problem with header redirection using ftp method
  125. Can you correct this registration script?
  126. Newbieish help needed with php form niggle on a wordpress site..
  127. Need help with PHP MySQL
  128. Age verification
  129. Using a proxy to view a webpage using a specific IP?
  130. Notice: Undefined index: wipit in /home/content/19/8804119/html/profile.php on line 246
  131. Displaying logged in members in a div
  132. Learning PHP
  133. Woo Canvas Hooks- How to Apply ONLY to Homepage
  134. php tutorial source
  135. Creating an HTML Page automatically
  136. php mail scrip / html form
  137. Pulling the username from the the DB, and put it on a simple comment system ( Need help )
  138. header location ipad (or any iDevice!)
  139. PHP Email Help
  140. Help Parsing bookmakers XML feed
  141. trying to find contact form php script. Nothing is working
  142. Dynamic site help
  143. php include help - not as easy as it seems
  144. Pulling data from site requiring login.
  145. Change Thank You Message?
  146. Bit of advice please on displaying info
  147. Can someone help - why is table font not working?
  148. Connect my pages to mysql database
  149. How do you check a php string for a certain string of characters?
  150. CSS formatting a list in the middle of paragraphs generated by php data
  151. Fun with Printable-Puzzles
  152. File upload, redirect to webpage on completion.
  153. text file and include?
  154. $_GET and unlink help?
  155. Help on small project
  156. Display most recent image from folder using PHP
  157. How to change this HTML and PHP to be able to select a specific email
  158. Use current PHP email script to attach multiple image files?
  159. News article archive - stopped working
  160. PHP email forms
  161. Ability to attach two files on contact form
  162. Having problems with multiple if-statements in function
  163. Possible to charge a variable amount to Authorize.net?
  164. Syntax Error
  165. php contact form question (noob)
  166. Need help creating an image uploader
  167. PHP Contact Form
  168. Some questions about form functionality
  169. Disabling a textbox using PHP
  170. Contact Page
  171. PHP Nuke Issue
  172. display results based on another query
  173. Using Radio Buttons in PHP...help?
  174. php newb
  175. PHP Error to Static Call
  176. E Commerce Site
  177. PHP form validation
  178. Returning and Throwing
  179. Log-in system
  180. New guy needs simple help
  181. Streaming Files
  182. Load a new page at midnight
  183. OOP and MVC
  184. Simple PHP server side validation
  185. Recieving email from website using php script!!
  186. How do you copy images from one web site to another using code?
  187. Private messaging system needed
  188. Basic PHP tutorials
  189. populate a shopping cart manually
  190. Installing PDFLib
  191. Auto populate text field real time from data in db
  192. Deleting uploaded files
  193. Need some help
  194. Members login connected to a forum
  195. Easiest way to setup shopping cart for an existing site
  196. Please Help!!!
  197. php and csv help
  198. File Access and Denial.
  199. Need a PHP/HTML forum so members can Chat!
  200. Online Booking
  201. Problem with tooltip. how can i fix this bug?
  202. php mysql query not displaying when it should!
  203. Comparing Database Values with the Same Column Name
  204. Making A Better Banning System (Need Help, Learning PHP!!)
  205. News Letter Help
  206. First attempt at a php ip script.
  207. Help! need php username greeting code!
  208. Few questions
  209. Database question
  210. PHP header & folder reference
  211. U-include help PLZ!!!
  212. unique record with php cookies
  213. Form Integration with PayPal
  214. Why will my loop only run once.
  215. Sign Up List
  216. seeing an object inside a class....
  217. Contact form not working
  218. Star rating script
  219. How to make a Members Area of sorts
  220. probelms with php
  221. display code from an off site php include
  222. php counter....
  223. Searching out parts of a long variable content in php
  224. Copy PHP database to new site
  225. Checking Radio Buttons using PHP
  226. HTTP Header Issue
  227. How do I read a web page title from another web page?
  228. Content Switch Statement Issue
  229. If/Else Statement in PHP
  230. simple news update system
  231. Create a "personal" members area
  232. Gallery
  233. new member seeking advice
  234. fpdf
  235. storing session data in database
  236. A page for each record of the database- but whats the best way?
  237. Forum Suggestions
  238. Separating amounts in mail
  239. How to get started with PHP
  240. Undefined Variable Notice
  241. loop inside tabbed panels
  242. Space instead of PHP code when using if else condition
  243. What is going on here? I'm getting an error and don't know what it is.
  244. insert image for admin page
  245. How do I create a calendar like pop up like some web sites use when people are asked for a date on m
  246. What is the best way to set up a login using php and MySQL?
  247. redirecting form to itself
  248. PHP help please
  249. How do I send text messages to a phone using php?
  250. How do I send out daily emails from my web site?