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  1. PHP help please
  2. How do I send text messages to a phone using php?
  3. How do I send out daily emails from my web site?
  4. PHP IP Address tracker.
  5. Modular PHP programming
  6. PHP Editing Programs
  7. contact form
  8. Mail Body Inputted in Form textArea
  9. How to change page nav buttons in theme
  11. Form Lossing URL Variables when page is reloaded
  12. Php Email help (First timer)
  13. Newline Character showing on plain text email
  14. Custom Member Sections
  15. Problem with modifying the website.
  16. FFmpeg converting to flv but with 0 file size
  17. FFmpeg converting to flv but with 0 file size
  18. wget failing on PHP 5.3.5
  19. File Managers Codeing?
  20. Country SELECT box Affecting Locality Select Box
  21. Registration - If wrong returns to reg form
  22. The MVC Framework.
  23. View the detail based on link provided from database
  24. View username problem that involve 2 table
  25. PHP framework for deal website
  26. PHP mailer issue
  27. Change password and other information in php
  28. Select list displaying database values
  29. Login interface problem
  30. PHP script to reload session during upload?
  31. foreach loop with mysql INSERT query
  32. Apply page and viewing application section in php
  33. Font not working in IE
  34. Login script failure need help.
  35. Bulletin Board
  36. Members Login scriped
  37. Simple Message Board
  38. How do I copy a text file over to a MySQL table using php?
  39. PHP Template
  40. Whats with this?
  41. Am I in over my head?
  42. How can a link in an html form be text only like a normal link?
  43. MSN search API does not work
  44. Custom Design Tool for Website
  45. I m New to php -- trying to fix webform to mail !! No Success-- No mail
  46. Alignment issue - need help!
  47. Help with an Announcement System
  48. PHP and Text Files
  49. How do I break apart a string to its individual parts using php?
  50. Issue with very basic php include
  51. URL rewrite in PHP?
  52. Calenders?!
  53. Drop down order list
  54. How to add Captcha to PHP form??
  55. PHP Email Script Help please!
  56. Whats Wrong with my code??? Need help with Lightbox Form
  57. Downloading Full Size Image From Website
  58. Removing PHP Action To Replace With Simple Link to Page
  59. invisible required file
  60. How to create a custom home page in phpBB forums?
  61. Need Help Creating an Upload Button
  62. Why is my information being deleted in this form when I do not hit submit?
  63. I need to pay for some work / get some advice
  64. CodeIgniter --> what is it?
  65. Foreign Keys
  66. Create table connected with MySQL
  67. question about the IF and ELSE stament
  68. Looking For Online Help With Mp3 Search Engine Script
  69. Need Help
  70. Match Username To Session ID
  71. Facebook API - like button
  73. Php set for WYSYWIG editor
  74. How to stop certain bit of code from excuting when a form action is set to the same page?
  75. N-level Tree
  76. Need to create an online ecommerce marketplace like foodzie or etzy. What are my open source options
  77. Database Connection Error
  78. PHP Echo - Style
  79. Adding CSS to PHP script?
  80. Saving username and password to some text file
  81. show user profile after login
  82. Help with multiple PHP form validations/submitions one same page!
  83. Creating Tag Cloud by using PHP & MySQL
  84. Index News
  85. I want to make my out button that counts how many times its been clicked
  86. PHP Fun With the Kindle 3!
  87. PHP Guest book
  88. File Upload Form
  89. Back-End Use for Customer
  90. Order form
  91. Hi I am trying to display images from mysql database using thumbnails! Can someone provide some help
  92. Form Validation Help
  93. Display Content at Certain Day, Hour, Minute?
  94. PHP Email
  95. Ecommerce
  96. Can anyone tell me how to andd an autoresponder to this contact form?
  97. Help with "calculations" in web booking form please :-)
  98. Emailer Submission Form Not Working
  99. Looking for Advance help. Any one familiar with CodeIgniter?
  100. Validation Stopping Registration???
  101. Got a fun one
  102. PHP error codes - can someone translate?
  103. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
  104. Web Development Tool
  105. Choosing random part of a php file
  106. Website Profile "Status" Comment Boxes.
  107. Form to email error
  108. log in and log out code
  109. Terms of Use Validation
  110. inserting and deleting using php
  111. php editor
  112. Please help ( js is conflicting with form. form is php and js)
  113. where to look???
  114. multiple login tables
  115. Stop refreshing page
  116. Saving HTML into a database field.
  117. How can I secure my website from hacking?
  118. Fetching specific data from a mysql database.
  119. Form Validation Issues
  120. Assistance CheckBox Validation
  121. upload file at update form
  122. Upload form with email attachment
  123. Help for unicode in form mail
  124. Wordpress get_comments modification
  125. PHP Random number script for email conformation
  126. Contact form help (You'll be really helping me out)
  127. Upload form with emailed submission
  128. error_reporting(0) Question
  129. html&php form send attachment
  130. Problem with Reservation form
  131. PHP SCRIPT Problem [FIX IT]
  132. How to add new page(error)??
  133. Not receiving e-mails from form submssions?
  135. PHP date time.
  136. Integrate WordPress with Current Site?
  137. Space Characters Getting Converted to Unknown Character
  138. Radio button integration in PHP
  139. Basic PHP question
  140. How do I remove article ID from URL
  142. Help needed with authorize.net sim
  144. Need help with a PHP coding.
  145. Image Gallery with CMS?
  146. Sending the message to 2 emails?
  147. Creating a script to install mybb and addons and create an account.
  148. Reducing load time for site
  149. How can I use php includes?
  150. I need help with php.ini file for a wordpress site
  151. mobile site CMS
  153. PHP FORM - not receiving form submissions. Please help!
  154. Email Form
  155. How to send email with PHP (Swift Mailer 4)
  156. echo repopulating blank data in database on refresh. please help
  157. How to open php results in a new window
  158. Why won't second select box fill?
  159. Hi i need help please.
  160. How to open and close automatically without user interface
  161. I need php forms retrieve and post help.
  162. Form question
  163. Generate Random Unique Reference Number Upon Form Submission
  164. Where is my error?
  165. I need php forms help
  166. PHP Contact form
  167. Captcha question
  168. Accepting payments monthly via php
  169. The usefulness of classes in PHP
  170. A wordpress related question - detecting a specific page, and adding scripts in the head section
  171. PHP Email Validation in full
  172. MySQL database table row numbers/total rows count
  173. adult verification page needed
  174. PHP: Dreamweaver CS5 vs Netbeans 6.9.1
  176. WebRing
  177. Insert Select Dropdown data into MySQL
  178. Please assists me
  179. Building a custom blog/ cms for a beginner
  180. Form validation
  181. Moving a PHP Variable from one page to another.
  182. help with printing or echoing a long text with spaces and lines
  183. A simple php question for anyone who knows php :)
  184. create an e-commerce website to print photo online ??
  185. UPDATE info in the same row PHP?
  186. screenshot capture from a shared linux host
  187. Form creation and PHP help
  188. PHP - What am I doing wrong
  189. Saving fali(rewriting)
  190. what.com/are/these/variables/?/
  191. google maps api
  192. PHP framework survey
  193. OSCommerce Question
  194. Pages not loading properly
  195. Need help with prepared statement - friend group system
  196. display only on certain dates??????
  197. Facebook META Image Tags For Wordpress
  198. plaese can i use switch statment to redirect user to other site in php
  199. Please help on include file in php
  200. plus and minus days off a certain date
  201. php autopages?
  202. id variable in address.
  203. Drop Down Menu
  204. Sytnax error
  205. apache question (newbie here)
  206. What cart is this?
  207. Show/Hide Content
  208. Need help: Wordpress comment form
  209. Simple Multidimensional array issue
  210. Contact Form Issue
  211. help
  212. Register Form
  213. edit profile
  214. Need help
  215. Need help with Facebook iframe code
  216. Problem CSS Rendering in IE
  217. How to change the order of Products displayed on Products Page (ecommerce Template)
  218. Can you help me what I am missing and how to insert the right code where it belongs?
  219. how to add check domain php script to my site??
  220. Problem in Duplication of data and onenter key
  221. php help
  222. email verification
  223. Wrapping PHP with a div - please explain
  224. forum question
  225. php gc
  226. Form with dropdown select options PHP
  227. Complete beginner, could realy use some help.
  228. image folder link
  229. session timers
  230. Combining 2 Session Scripts in Header
  231. PHPMotion Video Size
  232. securing scripts
  234. Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress
  235. Newsletter For WordPress?
  236. PHP slow to load
  237. ripping my face off
  238. pure php .doc to .txt?
  239. Complete beginner - very simple question!
  240. PHP apps plagued by Mark of the Beast bug @ The Register
  241. Problem in Another way of retrieving data
  242. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox when the button click
  243. Confused in using if condition
  244. Expert Critique Please
  245. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
  246. Problem in mysql statement and if condition
  247. Website Infrastrucure Help! PHP Related
  248. requesting code help for backup script
  249. setting path to /
  250. What should I do with PHP? Make suggestions