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  1. Converting Different Document Formats to HTML
  2. Using PHP to include Google Analytics
  3. Change Fixed Amount Field to a Variable Amount Field
  4. Getting the results from an online questionairre
  5. Loking for a copyright script
  6. header errors
  7. Attention Fellow Noobs!
  8. No HTML in forms
  9. Event Registration
  10. php access denied for user root@localhost. what am i doing wrong.
  11. PHP SESSIONS and HTML frames
  12. contact forms
  13. does anyone know how to add sources to php video search?
  14. help with my login check code.
  15. Picking up a users IP address in my PHP contact form?
  16. registration page help?
  17. fopen, fwrite and permissions...
  18. how do I pick a.....
  19. News Rotator
  20. writing php code
  21. PHP RSS Help
  22. PHP Redirect
  23. Wordpress plugin help
  24. how to display no match message in a search query
  25. inserting variable into
  26. Generate unique reference number upon form submission
  27. using ssh2_tunnel function with mysql_connect
  28. Updating info on the same page by clicking the link
  29. PHP Contact Form Help! Please!
  31. Developing a website with PHP
  32. Login System
  33. Problems with PHP layouts in site
  34. How can I check...
  35. email file attach
  36. mysql _connect function question
  37. Annís that is causing the page errors.
  38. Form input and redirect...
  39. Extracting limited data from an array
  40. .htaccess and generating RSS with PHP
  41. HTML Layout with PHP Includes
  42. Problem installing a script locally using XAMPP
  43. Junk mail form?
  44. Array syntax
  45. PHP Session echo problem
  46. drop down menu form
  47. Help with contact form
  48. daopay system setup
  49. getting info from text file or photoinfo???
  50. uploading large files via ftp using php
  51. edit: Fixedchanged my index.html to .php and now it wont load
  52. Wordpress
  53. Blog with frontpage?
  54. Uploading large files to my web site
  55. PHP Speed Analysis
  56. PHP Contact Form Email Verification
  57. another IE Firefox difference...
  58. Resolved - Creating an Image thumbnail
  59. Calendar script
  60. having trouble with PHP and XAMPP
  61. Generate different quote on refresh
  62. Adding authentication to PHP
  63. Difference between two includes ?
  64. using php_self in iframe
  65. display of poll
  66. Extracting a certain HTML tag (and its contents) this should work no?
  67. This may be a dumb question
  68. I am new to this - how to embed PHP
  69. Learning PHP???
  70. how do you check ip of user?
  71. Next Image button..
  72. display variable based on value of other variable
  73. auto display correct number of radio buttons
  74. vBulletin Caching Problem. Help! =(
  75. Help with PHP error message
  77. php radio button form
  78. Form Problems
  79. How to do an intermediate page
  80. Sendmail.php Style Help
  81. help with SUM()
  82. PHP submission form I guess?
  83. What is best forum package?
  84. mysql_query($query) not working, but pasting the query into phpmyadmin works fine?
  85. Adding upload to a form?
  86. Having a bit of trouble
  87. preg_match not understanding my { } quantifier
  88. Importing a word list into mysql, column list trouble
  89. Beginner MySQL Help
  90. Making an hours loop
  91. PHP Database help.
  92. simple way to get a dynamic php page to autogenerate a static html one?
  93. Dynamic Drive PHP Gallery Script
  94. Age Verification Script
  95. paramater in function
  96. $this->$name vs. $this=>$name;
  97. OO PHP slashes
  98. Form Validation help
  99. Count rows by month
  100. PHP: " vs. '
  101. Passing variables into a class/function
  102. Multiple Site Concept
  103. PHP 4 updating to 5?
  104. php explode
  105. PHP include help!
  106. database query
  107. PHP function format_number
  108. Printing page name and directory automatically
  109. Visibility in Subclasses vs. Parent Classes
  110. GET and POST methods
  111. help with SUM()
  112. Point search form results to different page
  113. Showing database rows in 10's
  114. Table for poll
  115. SQL DISTINCT on 1 column, leave the others alone
  116. Simple News Posting Script
  117. Web host for database
  118. Omits the text after quotes while importing..Why?
  119. What is the best way to go about learning PHP?
  120. PHP Archetype - a Rapid Development Tool
  121. Designing a test for potential hires
  122. database with different hosts
  123. Is PHP-Nuke Safe as a CMS for my website?
  124. Create Dynamic Pages?
  125. PHP code problem - Increase video thumbnails
  126. dedicated Linux server DNS problems???
  127. session problem - wishlist
  128. newbie oop
  129. dash - in email address
  130. Is this good PHP class design?
  131. Parsing script
  132. PHP Mail Form
  133. Mailing List / BLAST
  134. What exactly is overhead?
  135. Validation
  136. Question about Content Management System
  137. database design question
  138. Page not showing up
  139. Download File to webserver
  140. Email capture for a mailing list
  142. sessions problem
  143. Basic Stuff help needed
  144. image database - retreiving images
  145. Two tables - one sum
  146. SQL Query - double logical operator
  147. how to create a quotation php script
  148. Normalized Database Insert Tutorial?
  149. failing to import all parts of a page
  150. alt tags on images for php sites
  151. Table size and storage efficiency
  152. Database vs table efficiency
  153. pagintion problem
  154. Using many databases vs many tables
  155. Mail() Headers Aren't Working
  156. displaying results from different databases in one page
  157. Can't view php in design view - Dreamweaver CS3
  158. (Hopefully easy) contact form problem
  159. splitting xml results into multiple pages?
  160. Converting HTML to PHP
  161. just learning and wanna good base
  162. web host for php and mysql support
  163. One code, numerous actions
  164. Strange WordPress URL problem... Please help.
  165. How to add video source to video search script?
  166. database update and backup basics
  167. displaying paragraph vs list items from a database
  168. Having static page vs PHP created page for SEO considerations
  169. how to add css to php code
  170. Searchable listings
  171. Multiple Radio Buttons with Different Names
  172. Anyone know of a sortable members list script?
  173. how to create a collapsible DIV ?
  174. sorting by date in a table
  176. Multiple pages with php
  177. email parser
  178. What data type are pdf attachments stored?
  179. adding news to news portal site
  180. how to update page content on another page automatically
  181. Stupid checkboxes
  182. What's the most amount of columns you've seen in a table?
  183. can someone help me get my head round this???
  184. Potentially Simple PHP Problem -- could morph into plugin for Wordpress, other CMS
  185. SQL select statement to query 2 tables
  186. wamp server2.0
  187. How to use curl instead of include?
  188. Question about loading same php page from any folder...
  189. How do I disallow users from entering irregular characters into a Form?
  190. loading php code
  191. Need Some Help with a Text Box
  192. noob question: what did i do wrong with the PHP script?
  193. How many $_POST variables is too many?
  194. File upload not working, possibly max file upload size problem?
  195. Php mysql calender script?
  196. search and compare postcode
  197. Basic Question
  198. Is there an issue with PHP Operators?
  199. Randomizer
  200. Auto Link Keywords?
  201. V2 CMS problem with naming new/edited pages
  202. Creating directory for my site.
  203. Newbie having an issue.....
  204. Form Vaildation for guestbook
  205. Creating a website\forum duo with shared log-in feature
  206. Line Breaks in Text Box
  207. Pointing Includes to a different subdomain
  208. PHP form - Upload/E-mail Attachment problem
  209. 'where exists' reference to original row
  210. Letting me know it works.
  211. Nested objects
  212. FTP
  213. mail() Questions
  214. Trying to optimize SQL
  215. Having a bit of trouble
  216. PDO, MSSQL, and PHP on Windows
  217. PHP timezone handling
  218. Question about an image (if else statement)
  219. Cool and Perfect commenting systems
  220. PHP RSS generation
  221. Dynamic Menu PHP include
  222. User Customization
  223. PHP Database Abstraction?
  224. PHP's DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR - unneeded?
  225. How to best capture errors and warnings?
  226. Loggin to myspace,hi5,facebook etc sites from outside
  227. Forwarding multiple domains to different pages??
  228. Login page not working.
  229. Pagination (Im so rusty...)
  230. Can someone take a look at this code?
  231. PHP code with HTML Parse error
  232. Creating a Dynamic PHP Email
  233. PHP to create Next and Previous Pages from XML playlist
  234. How should I ?
  235. Question URGENT Need some help please
  236. Possible to delete a file after execution?
  237. Website Preview on My Server... avoiding my work being stolen?
  238. mail () form - Customizing for my needs, help!
  239. MySQL, apache and PHP
  240. uploading job apps/resumes..
  241. This isn't working for me... new to php, any ideas?
  242. Working with with pre-made CMS
  243. Os Commerce Wizard needed
  244. Integrating WebCalendar Into My Site
  245. Including function file. function not recognised
  246. Ask Database Guru Brian Aker
  247. Making a script have a different extension
  248. .htaccess rule
  249. Forwarding with a wild card. Is it possible?
  250. PHP- Form submit button with 2 actions?????