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  1. Calendar Calculations
  2. XHTML/PHP/Encoding/Opera problem
  3. Passing Session Variable Between Iframe and Parent Window
  4. Seeking PHP Sanitize Script
  5. First time email form setup problem...
  6. Wierd rendering bug when generating content via a loop
  7. PHP email form not getting thorugh to recipent
  8. Converting a sloppy website to a web developers haven..
  9. Clicky To Database
  10. Referal System
  11. Supplied arguement is not valid
  12. splitting db content into separate pages
  13. For Dummies
  14. My funky shoe database, part 2
  15. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  16. PHP Mail Form Problem
  17. XML DOM
  18. Change a PHP website
  19. Image Upload?
  20. Countdown + Function
  21. Comparison of two texts
  22. Simplest PHP Gallery Possible
  23. My php gallery is not working, please help (php/html included)
  24. Php code problems
  25. Reading XML Data
  26. Sending txt Messages to cell phones via website
  27. How to choose a CMS?
  28. PHP sessions creating invalid form input
  29. Retrive $_POST[0]
  30. My webdesigner went to military service - need help!
  31. Setting up to "send an e-card"
  32. Form causing error
  33. using Access database files with php
  34. Help needed...
  35. My form is not working in Internet Explorer...Please help! (html and php included)
  36. Creating games in PHP?
  37. phpBB
  38. Processing a Form
  39. Best place to put configuration values?
  40. X Template
  41. Help integrating pagination and PHP search script
  42. lol - hebrew error message?
  43. PHP4 vs. PHP5
  44. PayPal Direct Payments
  45. A somewhat complicated order form...
  46. Apache Log File To Database
  47. Easy way to keep a news.html updated..?
  48. A complete beginner with PHP!
  49. Test if you know: Simple Subject / Search PHP MySQl Script.
  50. My next step?
  51. Content management design costs
  52. Regular expressions being dodgy
  53. Advanced Web Quiz...
  54. Garbage characters displayed
  55. in_array not working anymore...
  56. Need some Help and fast!!
  57. I can't find the incorrect code... am I blind?
  58. PHP Zend - Anyone Use It?
  59. PHP Editors/Text Editors
  60. Grrr, getting texual day from a date.
  61. Question about size of database...
  62. finding out what boxes are checked using php
  63. parser error
  64. Creating a homepage with an international map
  65. Simple Object in PHP 4
  66. Recursion makes my head hurt
  67. Anyone Use Creole for DB Stuff?
  68. php ad rotator causing problems with table in IE... sometimes
  69. What does this code do?
  70. Using PHP and MySQL to create CSS
  71. PHP Parsing XML
  72. the include(); function
  73. Different Code by IP
  74. Foreign Keys
  75. simple php registration form
  76. Variables not carrying over to new page
  77. Blocks display issue
  78. WTF PHP OO Bug.... ??????
  79. It was supposed to be simple script for sending email with attachments
  80. Need to make a form in php help?
  81. PHP equivalent of ASP.NET Calendar
  82. Need code for registering to my site
  83. Issues with an include
  84. Dreamweaver connection errors
  85. REALLY basic question
  86. Should I create enum columns or separate tables?
  87. OS (or Good) Auction + E-Commerce software?
  88. Creating a Contribution page
  89. strpos() strangeness
  90. Resin -- a Java servlet container for PHP
  91. Text box in email form
  92. PHP in PHP
  93. custom site hit counter
  94. PHP Training Materials
  95. showing all images in a directory
  96. How Do I Run PHP in a Daemon?
  97. Could I get some help with an event calendar?
  98. PHP CURL work around for 'url_fopen' OFF for RSS
  99. PHP FTP Auto Detect Binary/ASCII
  100. Survey Script...
  101. PHP FTP lnist
  102. HTML Easy Edit v1.0
  103. anyone know how to use STS oscommerce?
  104. Object Oriented Form Creation
  105. [RESOLVED] Notice: Undefined Offset with mt_rand()
  106. Difference between ICDSoft and Network Solutions
  107. Table Spacing Suddenley Spaced To Much
  108. Naming Session
  109. Help w/ PHP File Upload Exception
  110. missing openssl
  111. Having return() problems
  112. Sri Lanka Web Design new technology for web design
  113. PHP Begining - recommended reading ?
  114. PHP's pg_affected_rows when used with the rest of the API
  115. PHP & mySQL Timed Operations...
  116. Frustrated with Sessions
  117. Which CMS to go with for a site selling cars.
  118. Need help with SESSION storing login/auth system
  119. cms help
  120. The Ultimate Product Information Site
  121. Best system for software-rating page?
  122. PayPal's PHP SDK on Windows
  123. Creating "Edit" Page using UPDATE - Need Help
  124. Not sure if this is possible..
  125. Is this possible?
  126. phpMyAdmin ... sql to php
  127. Search Engine Using Snoopy
  128. need PHP redirect please
  129. PHP Gallery Revolve image effect?
  130. Form Error message - keep fields filled in?
  131. MySQL Problems With Insertinf PHP Code
  132. Show multi files under category w/o using select
  133. File upload script wanted - plz help!
  134. Form Generator Software Required
  135. downloading gmail emails via php
  136. Form with CAPTCHA
  137. md5 password encryption
  138. Need info about spam...
  139. Dynamic(ish) URLs
  140. What is wrong with my code?????
  141. URL and query
  142. Variable will not keep value from $_GET
  143. How to run ExamXML from PHP to compare XML files.
  144. Problems With Switch Statement.
  145. A quick php copy question
  146. PHP script help
  147. Integrated Blog?
  148. Connect to database file rather than database on server
  149. form mail?
  150. Flash keeps reloading!
  151. Keep Array alive during page transition.
  152. Plain redirect with GET/POST params
  153. PHP Online Course?
  154. Retrieving query result through link?
  155. PHP (include) Question - Alternative to Frames...
  156. No Result on simple "SELECT"
  157. Form validation processor question
  158. Browscap Standalone
  159. Tally Up Fields
  160. Making Recursive Hierarchies
  161. Confused about connecting to MySQL with PHP
  162. If variable equals data
  163. Upload images problems
  164. Review Script
  165. unkown warning message
  166. php include adding weird symbols
  167. Where do i begin?
  168. PHP redirect
  169. Personal Web Server
  170. Trying to retrive a log in
  171. My mail form causes "Page has Expired" in IE
  172. New to php and need some help with a guestbook
  173. Over my head. Requesting Urgent Help-design
  174. Identical forms work on one site/server but not another
  175. Displaying ZIP Codes entered on a form on a Map
  176. Issues with form
  177. mail form help
  178. Form Submission to a Secure Site?
  179. login system... *scratches head*
  180. regular expression matches into an array
  181. Using cron job to extract and possibly insert on 30+ rows
  182. [solved] Adding to a database column - any suggestions.
  183. Can't find my username...
  184. Session Security
  185. Ways to End Sessions: What's the Difference?
  186. mail() function
  187. Frame effect with php and no javascript?
  188. Sending SMS to Database
  189. Is there a way to extract info from a .sql file
  190. In site search
  191. Need captcha script without advertisement..
  192. installation
  193. PHP update page not Redirecting
  194. Resource Directory Search Function
  195. RewriteEngine / RewriteRule causing 500 Internal Server Error
  196. Shopping Cart
  197. Need a bit of help
  198. Trouble with updating database with form field values
  199. PHP comment script
  200. Me again ^_^ localhost / localhost:8080?
  201. Template Engine
  202. PHPMYAdmin: "cannot load mysql extension; please check PHP configuration"?
  203. Noobish PHP Question
  204. Really annoying problem, not reading files as PHP? Don't know why...
  205. PHP Templating System
  206. Parse Error.
  207. What day does your birthday fall on in 365 days of the year?
  208. Echo variables from config file to page
  209. photo upload gallery
  210. Ways to use PHP to make HTML forms secure?
  211. Learning to code for a front-end designer
  212. Login to view files
  213. Class 'XSLTProcessor' not found
  214. Integrating Google AJAX Search
  215. include via case block
  216. Set numbers of parsed columns in php script
  217. Displaying appropriate image for news category
  218. PHP Mail sends blanks and duplicates
  219. e-mailing using php
  220. PHP validator?
  221. Changing the time?
  222. Creating a news archive system
  223. does anyone know of a good open-source hotel reservations php script?
  224. updating a page with .txt file
  225. I need a plug in database for a real estate website
  226. Is it possible to set background link in php script?
  227. Lightbox and PHP
  228. embedding phpbb
  229. {solved} weird error in setcookie()
  230. Simple CMS
  231. Change appearance of links displayed by data in {curly bracket}
  232. Forums/Scripts
  233. Odd PHP error
  234. File Upload
  235. passwords
  236. Help with Database backup script
  237. php file upload
  238. im such a php n00b
  239. Members Area
  240. Grabbing stuff from another server?
  241. Guest list / RSVP
  242. Verify Site
  243. Up one level ..
  244. Need A Hotel Availability Tool
  245. fckeditor
  246. After Installing Apache 2.2.4 and PHP 5.2.0, PHP is all messed up? :S
  247. trying to find the error in this code...
  248. Database Backup
  249. Help with order.php form
  250. .htaccess to treat .css.php as .css?