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  1. PHP errors...
  2. Mail form help pleaaase?
  3. Latest Events Section.....
  4. Stupid question regarding ->
  5. How to filter HTML user input?
  6. Can Someone Help Update My PHPBB Foums to the Current
  7. get and includes
  8. calender display
  9. Problems!!!
  10. Serialize and Unserialize
  11. most common array value
  12. I need to change Directory Permissions
  13. How to Get variable info w/o printing
  14. Stop output before script finishes?
  15. Check Browser
  16. Searching?
  17. Posting via MySQL and PHP
  18. Update Only if boxes checked and
  19. changing from sessions to cookies
  20. Changing PHP's MIME type
  21. Just installed phpbb and received this error...
  22. Getting warnings on my site
  23. XPath for PHP
  24. floats in PHP
  25. PHP Dynamic image slide show script
  26. Using PHP to create header/footer templates
  27. Using mktime(); in a drop down format??
  28. Regular Expression trouble
  29. using LIKE against 2 columns
  30. CMS or a Blog system?
  31. Class 'XSLTProcessor' not found
  32. file modified date
  33. member list/team roster
  34. Image Uploader w/ thumbnail?
  35. PHP masking links??? (I dont know the term)
  36. Guestbook script needed!
  37. Date Query Problem
  38. Error! Username and password does not match or no such user.
  39. formmail script with security code feature needed
  40. Date Range Problem
  41. Help with code
  42. How to get started? help please
  43. How to add a module to your phpws with cpanel
  44. Have this code I don't understand... easy answer I'm sure
  45. create image including posted vars
  46. PHP Dynamic pages and Google Cache
  47. Header redirect problem
  48. report generation in php
  49. Server Side Includes
  50. Include problem (I think?)
  51. DOM/XML failure with create_element()
  52. Security question - please comment if possible!
  53. PHP problem (help.. please!)
  54. Mssql_query or die()
  55. Setting up a form for a high school band web site
  56. Problem with an image gallery code
  57. SELECTing columns as an alias
  58. Trying to display a link
  59. PHP anonymizer script
  60. checking array value against another
  61. mediumtext bullets etc getting "mashed up"!
  62. array syntax
  63. forgotten password..
  64. to create arrays in a HTML
  65. PHP Script for 'Next' and 'Previous' Entries One Same Entry Near the End?
  66. PHP If Statement Question
  67. Verify "username" on form to see if its already taken.
  68. uploading multiple files
  69. Online Web Authoring
  70. Is my plan right?
  71. string checking
  72. Problem in php and database entry
  73. Form
  74. Session advice
  75. Client content management system
  76. no .htaccess support yahoo php generated page unsearchable
  77. PHP and Images
  78. Now U see it Now U Dont - QUESTION
  79. date()
  80. mssql_error()
  81. assigning count(*) to php variable
  82. Need Help with Drop Down Query
  83. Argh! Help! unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING!
  84. few questions bout PHP
  85. Having more form trouble
  86. No records are inserted
  87. PHP3 and Flash Mailer HELP!
  88. What am I looking for?
  89. Need help with autoresponder
  91. i need help making a member userpanel
  92. time in PHP
  93. converting to php
  94. CLI: Standard Input/Output, with input files?
  95. PHP Article Script
  96. Can you suggest a good PHP newsletter script?
  97. Mailing list with PHP, but no SQL (NEED HELP!)
  98. PHP exe
  99. Having trouble with variable storing html form
  100. Hidden Emaill address
  101. Content Manager script
  102. PHP Date() function question...this will be easy
  103. Shopping Cart Feature
  104. Dreamweaver constantly crashing!
  105. build a password for my database
  106. Need a new program to replace Dreamweaver
  107. php not passing form variables
  108. Need help placing banner on buletinboard
  109. calculator
  110. netscape fails to display jpg file in popup windows
  111. How to href SQL text output
  112. A website to read books online
  113. Ringtone Website
  114. member pages
  115. unique update using a JOIN?
  116. Problem in migrating database
  117. phpmyadmin, add field
  118. Content Management?
  119. getting all the post values
  120. date("whatever",mktime()); - always one month out, need to add 1 to month?
  121. expiring entry
  122. Image Question (auto-thumbnails,upload,resize..)
  123. Multiplying all integers/numbers/values in a column?
  124. Timestamps coming out of date() as 21st January 2038? Hmm
  125. Message Box?
  126. How Do I Somebody Else's RSS Feed On My Website? [ In PHP]
  127. URL parameter
  128. upload mp3, script says no
  129. Addding CSS/SSI to script example
  130. command line
  131. Handling User Agents
  132. problem in using check box
  133. PHP Login Help - I am new to this...
  134. problem in mysql and php
  135. drop down menu insertion
  136. [PHP/Sessions] How to display new since last visit
  137. Php includes
  138. What's wrong with this Feedback Form?
  139. Help something wrong with phpBB
  140. customizing oscommerce templates
  141. Selecting a Random Record
  142. want to make pdf files that are downloadables from my site
  143. need help in building an uploader for my site
  144. Looking for Article Manager suggestions
  145. Asp to Php
  146. create database script not working
  147. Why do I get this Warning? "failed to open stream"
  148. moblog rss feed
  149. Can a form element call a PHP segment?
  150. PHP spider script
  151. form will not submit
  152. couple of php/mysql queries
  153. php/mysql driven events page
  154. PHP Gallery - ideas?
  155. want to select & deselect checkboxfield to display or not display ads in my site
  156. security vulnerabilities with PHP
  157. Dreamweaver Can't access databases.
  158. session gets lost when i view a certain page
  159. Should I use Multiple Connections or One Per Page.
  160. Parse Error and Need Help
  161. Blog archives
  162. What exactly is PHP, what's it for, and HOW DO I GET IT
  163. Design of table for .doc archive
  164. .htaccess not working
  165. Refresh page
  166. order tracking page
  167. Need a RealEstate Script (something that visitors can use)
  168. OK, issue with textareas and database input.
  169. reading excel file
  170. between returns correct, incorrect rows
  171. Book Recommendation for PHP & MySQL
  172. Optimizing this PHP code (assistance would be appreciate)
  173. Mesuring Server load with PHP
  174. $_SERVER variable not working
  175. Collisions using md5 hashes as primary keys.
  176. Correct use of OOP in PHP??
  177. Post variables
  178. CSV import [challenging]
  179. Sending Files To Mobile Phones via Webpages
  180. leaving feedback, variable value gets lost..
  181. some help with truncating a field
  182. Moblog
  183. Help carrying a variable after log-in
  184. File Retrieval
  185. MD5 Comparison / Resource id #3
  186. Need a Beta Test for Stats Prog.
  187. if charset has default value in apache
  188. Select question
  189. fulltext search problem
  190. The best place to host PHP?
  191. "Yellow Pages" scripts?
  192. Protecting php program from piracy
  193. Getting text from another page
  194. creating an array from text files
  195. preg_replace woes
  196. Blog system errors
  197. Creating Forums
  198. Processing unknown variables from "POST"
  199. I am new to PhP, what books should i buy to learn it
  200. Printable PHP quick reference page
  201. Content Management help
  202. how to edit this php board?
  203. Ümlaut Question
  204. I have some problems whit my server
  205. creating a mailing list
  206. Scraper related question
  207. E-mail subscribtion system
  208. Cookies work fine in Firefox, but not IE.
  209. Search Script?
  210. Location by zip code on map
  211. security probelm
  212. Count hits and order links
  213. PHP Coding Tutorials
  214. PHP Mandatory Form Fields...
  215. PHP/MySQL and Search Engines
  216. Trying to check username doesn't already exist....!!
  217. i am new at php please help
  218. Web logs
  219. PHP and Perl cookie interaction
  220. Displaying images from database output
  221. help in this logging script
  222. Grabbing cPanel statistics with PHP
  223. Problem in installing apache and php
  224. where can i find a free forum?
  225. mssql_query()
  226. PHP Mail Form-Predefinded subject
  227. Function Headers Question
  228. How to download a server for PHP
  229. help wanted in searching
  230. displaying 25+ rows
  231. problem in script
  232. Change image upload to accept all files
  233. PHP and Flash, a little help... plz
  234. Restricted Access Folder
  235. Admin section of a cms
  236. Question about apostrophes
  237. Major problem connecting to database...
  238. Login Sytem Question
  239. Speed up file parsing
  240. Database somehow created, with table
  241. RSS / XML News Feeds?
  242. Error dropping database....
  243. searching from database
  244. Extract a text section from a webpage
  245. delete records from database which i have checked in checkbox
  246. session variable. HUH?
  247. problem in logging and log out script
  248. Show blog posts as links
  249. problem in using wildcards in php
  250. some misc php questions