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    Hi, everyone. My name is Corey White. This is my first (but certainly not last) post on this forum.

    I'm a web designer making the move from amateur to professional, and I'd like some input on my new site. It's available at

    The site uses XHTML for markup and CSS for layout and formatting. It is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict.

    I would appreciate absolutely any advice or comments, but I'm particularly interested in the following:

    1) Load Times
    2) Clarity of Presentation
    3) Attractiveness
    4) Professionalism
    5) Appearance on Different Browsers (There are problems with Mac IE, but I haven't noticed anything major on other browsers.)
    6) Visual Interest (I.e., is the white background too boring? Is the diagonal line background in the far back too subtle?)
    7) Ease of Navigation

    Thanks so much for the help!


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    Senior Member Eddy Bones's Avatar
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    Nice layout. The double nav was a bit confusing to begin with, but it makes sense when you think about it.

    I don't see any cross-browser inconsitencies. Can't blame the designer for a site not working in IE Mac. It's such a buggy browser and is not supported anymore. You'll have to hack up your CSS a bit so you can dumb it down for that browser.

    I didn't read all the content, but just scanning it it seems pretty sound. One thing though, I take it you're not really a group of people, so why do you use "we" all the time? If you're a single person just say so. It isn't any less professional and at least you won't be lying to people. If I'm totally off the mark on this let me know.

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    Senior Member DanielOliver's Avatar
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    I quite like it.

    Nice and colourful design. I'm not a big fan of the header though.

    First of all it's a tad huge. I would bring it down a size or two. Another thing with the header is the type. The three different styles of type face you are using don't go too well. Handwriting, big caps and then italics. I don't think they compliment each other too well. The block caps could do with being made smaller and I would lose the italics underneath.

    Overall though it's quite a nice site. Colours like I said, are quite pleasant. It's easy to use and read as well.

    Nice work.

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    Eddy Bones: Thanks for the comments. You're not off the mark at all - I will change the text to reflect the fact that I'm just one person. I've been meaning to do that, actually, and I don't know why I wrote it in plural to begin with. I guess I was feeling royal . . . Also, I agree about IE Mac: so few people actually use that browser that I don't feel it is necessary to "fix" my CSS to run correctly with it. I implemented a couple of small IE Mac hacks to make the page at least render decently, and called that good.

    DanielOliver: Thanks very much for your input. While I am, actually, a fan of the header (or at least the graphic part of it, including block caps and script), it's good to know that it rubbed you the wrong way. I definitely see what you meant about the combination of the script, block caps, and italics; but, since I do like the header in general and have received positive comments on it in the past, I'm hesitant to scrap it completely. For now, I removed the italics, which I think is an improvement. Let me know if that makes a difference for you. Again, thanks for the help.

    Everyone else: I'd love any suggestions you might throw my way.

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    The Good- The XHTML and the CSS is great.
    - Navagation (tabs) good.
    - Layout, not to much white space, not to little.
    - The content. You explain everything how and why and with a touch of humour.

    The Bad (well not really the bad... more like the quirky)
    - Contrast between the orange and te red in the nav.
    - The design is not really centred, its a little off. Look at this post for how
    - I would perfer the diagonal background lines to be at 45 degrees and maybe make them a little darker.
    - The links at the very bottom look pink. I don't know if its my moniter or something... I suggest making them the same colour as the other links.

    The Ugly
    Nothing really. Its a good design and I would hire you if I lived in central Maine and needed a design.

    Note: you might want to learn PHP or some other server-side language so you could greatly increase the services you offer. You could make content managment systems for your clients, and other such things.

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    Senior Member planetgman's Avatar
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    First, I think your banner is outstanding. It grabs your attention and makes you want to read more of what the site is about (and that is very important in our industry). And while that rubbed one person the wrong way, I think you will continue to have varying opinions. But from a design standpoint it works.
    Color scheme and layout are great. The double nav confused me a little at first, but as I nav'd thru the site it was easy.
    Probably the only thing (and not really addressed) is your text and content.
    In your about home section, you say Many Maine businesses.......
    I would recommend changing that to Several Maine or some other word that doesn't sound like a tonque twister (does that make sense?)
    Also, it looks as though you've been doing business for just a month or so (on your the company page). While you may have incorporated your business just the past month or so, how long have you been desigining?
    That is what you should focus on. Something like, "Since 1999" or "For over 5 years", etc....
    Or on the same page, things like "Corey works personally on each site Corey White Design produces". You don't need to mention the name of your company again if you are talking about you (and the company is your name) of what you do to each project. Of course you work personally on them, you are the only one doing them. Something like "I personally" or "Corey personally works to make sure your site is...."
    On your FAQ page. I wouldn't let people know that you use GoDaddy. Why? Why give them the opportunity to go (and you provide a link, though it didn't work) another website where they can see how easy it is to register a name themselves? Customer doesn't need to know who you register thru......just that you can get them a name for their company.
    Sorry, I put more about content than I thought I would. So, I'd recommend going through your site and tweaking it. Polish it a little more. Text content is one thing people put up and kinda leave. They change and polish graphics, layouts, etc.....but tend to overlook text when going back and polishing.
    Again, love the banner and it definately made me want to look thru the site.
    Good luck.

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