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    Hi guys, as you may have guessed im a new member on WDF and the community looks very impressive after early viewing. Ive been creating some websites over the past couple of years and theres one particular website which gets quite a lot of hits. Its a sports web site and I built it using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Ive been running the website for around 2 years now and theres been vast improvements ever since I started.
    The website is dedicated to my favourite rugby team: Hull FC, you may or may not of have heard of them but thats irrelevant. I was hoping to get some feedback on the look of my website, the content, layout, design, colour, etc and any opinions or comments on how the website could be improved.
    The website can be found at:


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    The main content text, you should try and spread it out a bit (white space).

    When we read a web page, we skim to the bits we want and skim over the bits we dont, but as your text is just blocks and blocks of text, this makes it harder for us to skim, and ultimately we may leave if we cannot easily find what we want.

    I see you use frames. Getting indexed by search engines with a frame based design can be harder than normal, something to think about?

    The main page, there is some considerable scrolling to the bottom of the page. Maybe a "jump to top" link will be a worthwhile addition?

    Having how many visitors have... visited your site can make you look incredibly lonely or showing off. It depends on the service you use, some only show how many visitors in an admin area.

    Nice job though.

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    good, but do the links need to be in flash?

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    all in all, it looks good but you might want to add some padding between the text and the division cell walls. and, unless you want to put something there, maybe there should be less space between the top text cell and your marquee.

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    Those flash links are obviously just taken either from a built in Dreamweaver flash button design or from a site like

    They do a nice effect when you roll up and down them but who's gonna do that? People interested in this team are gonna be looking for info on the team... not admiring your flash buttons.

    There's too many buttons in the nav anyway. Rationalise it..... Is there some links that you could put in a seperate section to keep the clutter off your home page?
    No ma'am, we in IT don't have a sense of humor we're aware of.

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    lol hull fc... j/k

    Your text needs padding in the middle. It looks very cramped. It also needs paragraphs. When people browse the web you will find that the majority will glance over a page before reading anything substantial. With blocks of text that long its unlikely people will take the time to read it.

    Center all your content. It looks odd how it is centered on one page but not the other.

    The sites nice and you have done well with it. Just make a few minor tweaks though and it will be very good.

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    The logo at the top is pixelated and I can't read the text at the bottom of the image. You need to work that logo anyway, just to make the name stick out more, something like oldFAITHFUL with some interesting use of color. It's too bland right now.

    As stated above, the content in the center of the screen needs some padding around it and it needs to be grouped into propper grammatical paragraphs. Make the headers above each block of text stand out more. It's not catching my eye right now.

    The scrolling text at the top is going so fast I can't read it. Slow it down... better yet, ditch it. I hate scrolling text.

    There's too much space between the logo at the top and your content. Close that gap.

    I don't like the nav buttons at all. They're overly complicated and the mouseover turns the text to black on a dark gray background! BAD CONTRAST! I can just barely read the link I'm hovering on. If anything, use simple unordered lists and CSS to style the nav menu and leave the text white but make the background change to gray. Besides all that, the text is anti-aliased to the point of blending some letters into the background.

    Not everyone can read 8pt text. Make your text larger.

    Just have the hightlights from the latest game on the front page and put the rest of the game highlights on another area of the site. Maybe do a page per season or something similar. Right now, all that text is overwhelming.

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    *i do like the consistancy of the site, the recurring black with white stripes theme is cool

    *as a sports fan, having the league standings right there on the front page is good too

    -The graphical link to the forums, is a good idea, if thats where most people will go to, but I almost didnt notice it because it looks just like an advertisement.

    -I think minute44 hit it on the head with the buttons, im sure you can make bigger encompassing categories so that its not as cluttered.

    -I would enlarge the heading text, like the headlines for each entry. If they were at least twice as big we would get a better idea what the article was about.

    -Also i would enlarge your main content text as well, not that much bigger but at least something. As monitors get bigger, people use larger resolutions, this is going to be harder and harder to read.

    -Maybe include the scores at the top of each entry, instead of the bottom, so that if someone just wants to logon and see what the final was they could withough sifting through the entire article. - Ramblings of an amateur web designer - An online community for the positively childfree

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