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    Well I'm new to this forum and I must say I like what I see so far, and while I hate doing this - I need as many reviews/comments on the two sites below as humanly possible. I made the post below on another forum but only got a single review, so I'm hoping this will be different

    After a defacement a month or so ago, I decided that needed to be redone (Lost the psd, a few errors in it, and it was 450kb+ ).
    Heres the new
    Since the link above is only an incomplete html version (To show off header), heres a screen of the psd:
    Also finally got around to (having someone else ) design a new
    Here it is:
    I'm looking for any and all criticisms and comments on both sites. Thanks

    Note: I almost forgot... Seeing as the old site is DOWN and won't be coming back up, I thought I'd link to the wiki and the forums, so you have a better idea what the landatwar site is for. The eyesoute is a company site, that I plan on using as a portal to showcase all of our games, developer journals, surveys, downloads, a news letter, etc.
    Note #2: I could really use some help modifying a mediawiki theme to go with the landatwar design (I want to take the header, including the links, from the main folder and include them into media wiki, but can't find any reference in the mediawiki docs, to doing something like this.)


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    OK you have made a very common mistake, you have posted 2 incomplete sites to be reviewed. I don't quite how know how you can review an incomplete site...

    Site 1: Nice little flash movie... apart from that i can't comment on it
    Site 1 png: Looks like it will be devoid of any meaningful content, i don't find a page of links without any real content very interesting.

    Site 2: I like the header, its distinctive, the rest of the site is pretty much forgettable.

    I strongly suggest you complete the first site and actually start using the second before you ask for reviews. A review should be based on layout, speed, design, usability and coding. You are being a bit naive if you expect any sort of meaningful reviews with what you have provided.

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    Seeing as the site has to be perfect, and neither I nor the designer has enough time to rework the site/design, I decided to post them relatively incomplete, but complete enough to get an idea.
    And thank you for the review.

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    I think the first site design is awesome! However I noticed on the HTML version you used a different font for your menu (some serif font) than the one you used on your psd file (some sans serif font). Which one were you planning to stick to?
    I like the Recent Screenshots section. I think having little images here and there is always good to draw attention.
    I wonder if you could do a little more with your headers? i.e., Updates, Community Events, etc... Maybe (to kind of tie in with your page background) you could have some kind of \\\\ faded really light behind your headers. Or maybe even just a really light grey, or a light gradient. Just something to make them not blend in with the rest of the text, ya know?
    Also, what if you made your headings like a dark blue? Just to give the text part of the page a little more color. One thing I think would be pretty cool is if you made your headings dark blue, and your bold text (like the dates) a little lighter of a blue. And then keep the grey text :thumbsup:. But when I say dark blue, I mean like a dark grey-ish type of blue.
    Hmm, that's about all I can think of, I really like the header and the basic layout of everything. I like how you have the homepage, where it has little bits of everything (updates, screenshots, downloads, etc) to draw interest to the other pages of the site. I think that's a really good idea because it gives the user some direction of where he/she should go from the homepage, and I think that will help people stay on your site for longer.

    As for the second design, it seems kind of plain. But maybe that's how it was intended to be? I mean is it just supposed to list a bunch of text?
    How about instead of having each news item go across the entire page, making that column like 2/3 or 1/2 its current width, and then to the right of it have another column with like, touts that link to other areas of the site, or something... It seems like the text column is just too wide, like it would take so long to read a line of text
    Oh another thing, I think it might look good if you made the main column a different shade of grey, like maybe lighter. Just something to give variations in the different sections of the site. Ya know what I mean?

    Well that's just my opinion Great job on the first site
    choosy developers choose gif!
    website | paintings | blog

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    I think the first site has a good design, however since the navigation, etc. has not been completed, it's hard to see how the information will fit to the design and flash on the site. The second site is dull, although I do like the logo at the top left. It's not quite clear what the site will be doing, so again without further info about the content, it's hard to judge the site as a whole.


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    In reference to Perad's comment earlier, I do think it's difficult to REVIEW something at this stage. However, I certainly see points where comments are relevant. For my own interpretation of these forums, this post would belong better in one of the other "Visualizing It" categories.

    But, since it's here...

    - What's with all the poop?
    - Design looks good. Try to allow for the incorporation of content. Play with headers that are longer than just one line.
    - How will links look/work?
    - What is this site for? Yes I read the wiki, but it's not here, there should be SOMETHING on the homepage, with an about page to go deeper.

    - This black + grey is very difficult to read.
    - Again everything is copy-paste and it's hard to get an idea of what a real-world situation would look like.
    - Wide bodies of text are difficult to read. Try to keep text content to within 400-450px.

    I have an eye for detail like you'd never believe.

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