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    I have asked for your advice on previous layouts for this site but I need to ask again for I have redesigned it. The site in it's previous version was very web 2.0ish but I am so tired of web 2.0 I could vomit. The first couple web 2.0 type designs that came out were original, unique and good designs but WHEN WILL PEOPLE STOP COPYING THEM. I have been in the graphic design field for years but people all of a sudden think that if they reflect a picture it is a good design.

    The graphic design market in general is dieing. High end software is now freely available to the masses and there are so many classes that teach how to use it. Teenagers in particular, who have learned the basics of design and understand the usage of design software have "web site portfolios". Worse of all, the work that they do get takes away from the success of ACTUAL web and graphic design companies. If we want the work we have to do it for a lot less money sadly.

    Anyhow the purpose of ths post is to get advice on my new site, and to hopefully figure out how to to stay ahead of the competition.

    Thank you and sorry for the rant.


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    Personally, I think that this is a very nice site. Add a third site for the Featured Sites on the left side of the big featured one. That will add symmetry.
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    if they reflect a picture it is a good design.
    While this is an all too frequent misunderstanding of Web 2.0 ...the aesthetic associated is the very most superficial veneer of Web 2.0.

    You have a nice, clean site with a gradient. ...Is that a rounded corner border around that nav I see? Very Superficial 2.0 -- just dark instead of light. And the logo doesn't follow the standard, but still looks good.

    The graphic design market in general is dieing. High end software is now freely available to the masses and there are so many classes that teach how to use it.
    Operating PhotoShop and Illustrator isn't graphic design. Yes, the "low hanging fruit" is getting picked. Like any industry, you have to adapt. Rants don't change reality the music industry is slowly learning. Graphic artists ...not so much taking the music industries' lethargic, glacial "lead."

    Some ideas to look into...

    ...Infographics (information graphics). Most graphic artists haven't the slightest clue of how to visualize information, what information might be. They can decorate data, or create an absolutely irrelevant aesthetic, but don't understand the fundamentals of information design. Forget infographics for a second ... few sites even have diagrams about what makes their product unique.

    The market for absolutely generic stock photography cliches is drying up. The market for being irrelevant has always been zero.

    ...Visual Merchandising. Graphic art is suffering. The era of graphic design hasn't even started, yet. Because the fundamental lesson of graphic design is understanding why your site doesn't need to be pretty. Visual merchandising is the understanding of what business people value and pay money for -- and it is as unlike graphic art as night is to day. Message-to-market match trumps pretty.

    I just had to explain, right in this section, why blood-red spatter grunge is attractive ...but the symbolism is entirely wrong for a surgery center. You can't get more detached from branding reality than the average graphic artist. Camouflage isn't branding, it's branding suicide.

    ....Interface design. No. Not what graphic artists do to web layouts -- that's interface decoration. Interface design is where you apply the principles of interaction design. There is a very simple test for telling the difference between a graphic artist and a graphic designer -- testing. Designers test.

    You have to try graphic design before you can say if it's dying or not. Operating a graphics program in no way, shape or form makes you a designer. Most of the people who are frustrated with their income haven't positioned themselves against the people who are merely operating the software.

    This failure to deal with basic business realities makes the music industry look downright smart.

    There are valued added business services you can go into. All have one factor in common -- some connection to what business people care about: Results. Most graphic artists would be flabbergasted by real interface design. Consequently they never study the fundamentals of interaction design. Sites like Flazoom -- Flash Usability -- couldn't be more invisible if they were encrypted and put behind a firewall.

    When you finally try graphic design, you'll find a nearly magical transformation in your client meetings. ....For one thing, your decisions don't get trumped by the receptionist who did her baby shower invites in PhotoShop.

    Amateurs who only know PhotoShop and Illustrator aren't a threat to a graphic designer -- because you don't find what I've been talking about in the dropdowns. The computer operator market may be dying. That only means you have to rethink some key assumptions about what the word design really means.

    Graphics rants like this one only make the music industry look like silicon valley innovators.

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    Ok, that was awesome. Super-props! Plus reputation and post of the day

    Oh, lest I be rude -- the original page looks nice, too

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    i think your site looks great and totally agree with you.

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