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    Please Review Billy Raygun

    I'm coming from the general forum with the thread "Is This Hard To Do"? where I posted an example of a site liked. It was suggested I post a link to my site here for review.

    To recap my previous thread, I feel my site is not the right sight for me. Lacking the visual impact that verbally, the name of my company has. I feel taken advantage of in the design process and am not really sure what is appropriate for my company. I understand SEO is important, but I feel why bother if my site generates no business as it is. My industry is cut-throat more than anyone can imagine and the client base is less than interested unless they need something. Meaning, winning new business is extremely hard.

    I have some known issues that my previous designer will not fix because he is missing in action. I feel WordPress is not the right solution or if it is, just not the right site design. If it comes down to copy writing, then I might as well give up because I can't write and can't afford someone who would be effective enough.

    Feel free to beat me up on all of this. Billy Raygun Design


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    This is the original thread, in case anyone's looking for it: Is this hard to do? . He had to put his link in the post because veraderock is still working on the review section and a few other things as part of the upgrade.

    Now, here's the deal...I said that SEO is something that you need to consider, and that is true. The problem with your particular industry is that it's an industry that very few people even know about to begin with and booth design is one of those things most people think they can do themselves by slapping an oversized cardboard version of their logo on a piece of blue backdrop along with a couple of tables of literature and maybe a TV / DVD or a computer, so Billy's 100% right about the general lack of interest. As a result, that means that it's harder to target phrases and keywords that will actually draw converting traffic.

    However...that's a general rule, and I wish I'd have heard of your company about 5-10 years ago when my former home show client still did shows (they retired and sold the shows, and I'm not involved with the new people). There is a market for good booth / kiosk design, and for some reason the people who are most interested seem to contact the show producers rather than the companies that actually do booth / kiosk design. So my first suggestion, which has nothing to do with the design of the site but rather the marketing, is to try and get in touch with various event producers and see if they know of any exhibitors that could use booth design services. It might also make sense to get listed as a vendor on sites such as TSNN Trade Show News as well. That way, even if your SEO efforts don't generate anything, you might be able to use the site to generate busiiness as both a resource for show producers to send to their exhibitors, and to the exhibitors themselves who may end up on various trade show sites. Trade Shows,Trade Fairs,Business Trade Events & Exhibitions,B2B Trade Shows, World expositions,expos & Trade Shows Directory is another one that might be of marginal use, although the site is awkward to use at times and I don't think they have a section specifically for vendors. I did see that you design other things, but this is the area of your site that I'd be most able to speak to.

    Now, on to the site...I would suggest that your problems are primarily of a technical/detail nature than those of design. While you're right in that your services are meant for ocular consumption, your bigger issues that I see are things like your Twitter feed doesn't work (it shows that you posted something 4 decades ago...even the Internet wasn't around for the public that long ago) and your testimonial feed doesn't show the down scroll button (although I'd personally lose the testimonials outright...a lot of sites fake them and they generally don't mean much).

    The Ideal Client...even though I'm all for unique content, this is something you should probably drop since it sounds more like "are you worthy of us?" as opposed to "we are worthy of you, and here's why". That's your big issue with content as a's too corporate and stuffy and "we" based as opposed to "you" based. Conversions are a lot more likely to happen when people feel they're being talked to, even when it's a one-way conversation.

    Your blog...I don't know what your designer was thinking, but this is stupid. WordPress is a blogging platform, and therefore the blog should be hosted on the site as well. Hosting it on Blogspot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and that's on your designer.

    The designer credit hyperlink in the footer...lose it. While you're at it, lose the page that it links to. Designers who do this are usually the least talented and knowledgeable and there is no benefit to you whatsoever. So kill this. It's a ******** tactic on the part of your designer (I'm also using the word "********" here to test the swear filter since the forum was just upgraded, so I'm not just casually swearing).

    You don't have an address. If you want people to trust you, you'll need one.

    "Company" is misspelled on your contact form.

    On the same page, why is the word "Localization" there? That's a translation phrase.

    Now, the one area that is visual...your photographs. Actually, your CAD drawings. They look nice, but here's the problem...they're not photographs. They're not pictures of your displays set up in booths that are staffed and where people might be looking at them and/or interacting with them (I'm not sure if you do the interactive stuff...didn't see any mention of it on the surface). People respond more to that which they can relate to, and they relate more to photographs than they do drawings. I'm not knocking your CAD skills...I couldn't draw things like that, and I don't claim to. But again...they're not photographs.

    Personally, here's what I would recommend...leave most of what you have now from a purely design point of view, and get someone who knows WordPress to help you with the tech parts. AlphaMare's sort of our guru here for that, so I'd recommend getting in contact with her. I'm also assuming that you either don't have other ideas for your site or you have some that can fit in the whole WordPress thing.

    There are probably other things that could/should be done, but this is all I can see and I need to crash now. Hopefully others pitch in and help.
    If I've helped you out in any way, please pay it forward. My wife and I are walking for Autism Speaks. Please donate, and thanks.

    If someone helped you out, be sure to "Like" their post and/or help them in kind. The "Like" link is on the bottom right of each post, beside the "Share" link.

    My stuff (well, some of it): My bowling alley site | Canadian Postal Code Info (beta)

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    Thank you for such a detailed response. Very informative and helpful. I agree with your recommendations regarding the Ideal Client, Testimonials and Designer Link. I was told to use the Ideal Client page but I've never been comfortable. Many of the technical issues you mention, including portfolio items not aligning properly on their page, are all the things I would like fixed. Including how the main image on each page get's stretched out when the browser window is opened to HD proportions.

    I appreciate your comments and will reach out to AlphaMare.

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